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      Account Transfers To Next-Gen   03/14/2017

      Okay so some of you guys are still asking for modded accounts on PS4 or Xbox1 and I am here to clarify that you no longer can transfer to any of these console due to Rockstar adding a deadline to account transfer and that deadline has pasted and you can no longer do account transfers. So if anyone keeps on posting they want a free modded account on PS4 and or Xbox1 will have there thread deleted and will have there shout deleted.   ConsoleGods Staff

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  2. Can you mod my bo3 account on ps3 how much is it?

  3. Mod Menu

    Looking for a legit modder to mod my account on ps3 bo3 will pay can reach me at miguelfrancisco6@me.com thanks
  4. Yesterday
  5. Save Game

    Do you need ps3?
  6. Introduction

    Welcome @Rinnegan Hope you enjoy your stay and JB xbox 360 well you can find a website to ship it and do it for you or if you want to buy the chips and equipment to do it yourself then there are some good youtube videos and sites that gives you step by step help - I will be shipping my xbox to a RGH store (But key advice you need trust on doing this)
  7. Mods

    apii for the WINZ!!!! and i like how you threw some lts in there .... i would love to mix n match menu's to make my own
  8. Last week
  9. Mods

    i'll give it a run threw
  10. if you don't know what is it.........don't download it http://j.gs/904X
  11. Mod Menu

    Ahh some nice GUI menus very tasty
  12. Other

    Seems Legit so I +1 one up u BB
  13. Help/Support

    1) Call Microsoft like @OptimusPrime said 2) Search on YouTube if having errors or troubles 3) Search up ways you can 4) If they fxxked you over then Break console or sell it then abandon the profile cause Microsoft screws everyone over 5) Am moving to psn SO much easier
  14. Help/Support

    Have you tried to call Microsoft to see if they can help
  15. Introduction

    Hello welcome to the site, I'm not an expert on Xbox but I think there are a lot of tutorials on how to do that on YouTube
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