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      Me and other Staff members are getting very annoyed by members that keep asking for free mods. For now on if anyone asked for free mods you will get banned. No mods are free unless it's a giveaway and that's your ONLY chance of actually getting a free modded account other than that you have pay. So stop begging our staff for free mods or suffer the consequences.    OptimusPrime forum Admin.

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  2. how do we get it? do you need a jail broken console
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    I'll still be lurking
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    Hello I'm new here
  5. Yesterday
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    Anytime bro.
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    np bro thank you for your time
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    Lol i dont share games, i have a jailbroken console and i get them for free, besides, i dont even have them on psn store so i cant help you with that sorry.
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    Please stop posting useless comments just to unlock the hidden content, If we see you repeating it again you will get warned!
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    bro i just want to play some games like until i make some money to buy games i heard u can share games beetween friends just to play them
  11. Can u give me a free modded account and ad me via ps4?


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    Thanks man
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    Topic has been moved to the correct section.
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    Sorry but super slims are not jailbreakable. You need to buy a ps3 slim or fat model which is jailbroken. About the games you commented, what games and what would you like to do on them?
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    Can someone share games with me i just bought a ps3 and it turn out i can not jailbrake it i bought brand new superslim ps3 but no money for games can some1 help me with some games until i get some $ to buy thank u for your time
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    Will try this
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