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      Account Transfers To Next-Gen   03/14/2017

      Okay so some of you guys are still asking for modded accounts on PS4 or Xbox1 and I am here to clarify that you no longer can transfer to any of these console due to Rockstar adding a deadline to account transfer and that deadline has pasted and you can no longer do account transfers. So if anyone keeps on posting they want a free modded account on PS4 and or Xbox1 will have there thread deleted and will have there shout deleted.   ConsoleGods Staff


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    Hello Gods, Today I am sharing with you the CALL OF DDOS tool... This is probably the most advanced IP Grabbing tool ever made for pulling peoples IP's on console. The normal price of this is $25-$30! which is just stupidity... Enjoy it for FREE! [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    THE GIVEAWAY STARTS NOW AND ENDS ON SUNDAY (05/03/2017) what do you need to do ?! its simple just enter a number between 0-199 the person with the right number will win the account ! an example how you need to do it . #S3PT4RO #1 ---- the account will have 10 modded nextgen outfits + fast run + modded KD and much more -> 350millions and rank 212 GOOF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU
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    Read First : Hello Guys . Finally Anti-Freeze IN GAME/LOBBY Yeah Anti-Freeze IN GAME/LOBBY U Can Use Aimbot..etc No One Can Freeze You Play Save. U Can Freeze People But They CANT. Tested On Many RTM Tools To Be More Happy Tested On Kiwis Tool Tested On 444xModzs Tool They Cant Freeze You Too.You Have To Enable It While In Creat A Class ( Important )Features:~ Anti-Freeze In Game And Lobby~ Anti-Kick In Party ~ Freeze Lobby (Please Enable Anti-Freeze First )~ Quit To Party (This is For Fast Quit Or If The Host Is Uing Anti-Quit Or U Can End The Game )~ Non-Host End Game ( Yeah )~ Non-Host Mods (Red Box...)~ Exit To XMB (CCAPI-TMAPI )~ Anti-End Game ~ Spawn Trap ( Yeah ) ~ Message Editor~ Flashing Clan Tag~ Name Editor ~ Title Editor~ Advertis ( Do Heart - Spawn Text - News Bar )Questions :1- Why My Ammo Is 0 ?That Means The Anti-Freeze In On ( Dont Turn It OFF )2- Why Did U Made This TooL ? I Made It To Make You Safe (From Freezing) And Happy 3- Tool Not Open ? Try To Update Your Framework4- Exit To XMB Work ? Yeah Work5- Why I Cant Look At My Name ? Disable Anti-Kick5- Why Did You Disabled Kill = Freeze ?I Dont Want To Be The Guy Who F** Mw36- How Can I Know IF Someone Wants To Freeze Me ?Your Weapons Will DisappearImportant Things : Enable Anti-Freeze In Classes Dont Forget To Disable Anti-Kick Enable Anti-End Game While In Game And Disable It Before The Game EndsPics :Credits :Blackshadow-000 or BNZBandarxDvLEnstoneiMCSxSC58Manog_KnifeSebINSANL3Y_D34THxCBKxChocoKiwi_modzvrt-1and everyone i've forgotNGU [Hidden Content]Protected From .NET ReflectorBugs :1- You Have To Connect / Attach 2 Times To Use The Tool !!idk Whats WrongNote :You Have To Click Here If You Are The Host :
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    Ok so lately Me,Blade and Optimusprime have came to a conclusion to change some of the rules around here so with being said we have reached over 10k members now and i know the members are constantly keep asking free mods so there wish with be granted BUT our modders will mod you guys account for FREE if you are a vip member of the site and they will hack your account for free as long as you are a VIP member. They will hack any game you desire meaning GTA 5, Call of duty Black Ops, Black Ops 2 and Black ops 3, MW2, MW3, etc as long as you're helping support the site. If you are you not a vip member then our modders can go back making a their own prices towards the game you guys specifically want modded.
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    *S63 *Indie Developer *John *Shark *PSN Services *NGU *NickBeHaxing *Specter *DrHaxorHD *Sabotage *oStankyMods These are some pictures of the tool Connection Page: Name Chaner Page: Stats Multiplayer Page: Stats Zombie Page: Non Host Mods: Credits: Pictures: virus scan: 9/52 Antivirus scan for 7a258c335eceff59e11cee466936e462ec3d545ff8456e6d34 3b243aed6c atDownload: 216-7-1 8:26:19 UTC - VirusTotal [Hidden Content]
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    This tool is able to do full recovery's by pressing one button instead of 10 or 20 you select one of the three packages that are available and it will use the rank and money amount you gave it and finish the account for you. I hope you enjoy this awesome tool, have an awesome day guys! Picture's of Tool: Virus Scan: [Hidden Content]Download: [Hidden Content] Credits: GenisysModding
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    Hey Gods, Today the JRJS Mod Menu Source Code was Leaked to the public! [Hidden Content] Enjoy modders and coders
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    BigJohn863 = Credit i was not going to releas this code because i was waiting for YOU guys to USE your brain see how hard it is ? to GET THE CODE WORKING [Hidden Content]
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    Hey there! This is for those noobs who don't know how to hack/jailbreak [Hidden Content] Hope you enjoyed, make sure to hit that like button <3 !!
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    PLEASE NOTE I AM SELLING ALONGSIDE MY CLOSEST FRIEND @dean speirs Fat/Slim PS3's jailbroken on 4.70.1 Rebug DEX! Comes with: GTA V Game + SPRX Mod Menu installed! BO3 Game installed BO2 Game installed + NON HOST SPRX Mod Menu All PKG's fully installed such as PSNPatcher, MultiMAN, Rebug Toolbox. Fan an speed will be set to 41% from 29% (Less crashing) All fresh and new thermal paste! So will last for years!! Postage is worldwide but the price is £110 for fat or £150 for slim. The buyer will be expected to pay the postage fee also! Please note their is more than 1 console available! Currently 10 consoles for sale and a new batch coming in shortly! Comment below for details and myself or Dean will get back to you.
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    [Hidden Content] Click like to see the content
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    Here is the way to get free games [Hidden Content] happy free game lol
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    [Hidden Content] Terms Of Service state: Don't send bomb threats. Sends 5 messages per bomb.
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    Hey gods, Enjoy the spoofer! [Hidden Content]
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    Hello ConsoleGods! Today I'll share this great mod menu for Advanced Warfare (Zombies) with the community! [Hidden Content] Download:[Hidden Content] ENJOY!
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    Included content Far Far Away Trophy Everything Unlocked DLC Trophies (Utopia Coliseum) (Supersonic Fury) [Hidden Content]
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    Hey Gods, Today I am sharing with you the FULL source code for the Bossam V6 Mod Menu made by - BossamBemass. Please note BossamBemass did give me full permission to post this on here! (We're good friends). Enjoy [Hidden Content] Credit: BossamBemass
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    Hello Gods, Boy am I glad to share this with you guys today! So... today I am sharing with you a OFW! RTM tool that works 100% Allowing you mod your name and your everything except PRESTIGE! in call of duty games. Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    THanks listView1.Items.Clear(); for (int i = 0; i < 18; i++) { string name = PS3.Extension.ReadString(Convert.ToUInt32(0xF9E698 + (i * 0x148))); byte ip0, ip1, ip2, ip3; ip0 = PS3.Extension.ReadByte(Convert.ToUInt32(0xF9E698 + 0x8E + (i * 0x148))); ip1 = PS3.Extension.ReadByte(Convert.ToUInt32(0xF9E698 + 0x8F + (i * 0x148))); ip2 = PS3.Extension.ReadByte(Convert.ToUInt32(0xF9E698 + 0x90 + (i * 0x148))); ip3 = PS3.Extension.ReadByte(Convert.ToUInt32(0xF9E698 + 0x91 + (i * 0x148))); string ip = ip0 + "." + ip1 + "." + ip2 + "." + ip3; ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(Convert.ToString(i)); item.SubItems.Add(name); item.SubItems.Add(ip); listView1.Items.Add(item); }
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    Hello, ConsoleGods Today i'll share with you some modded EBOOTS for BO2 Multiplayer and Zombies for CEX/DEX NOTE! Every Eboot you need it's here so that not to search all over the google to find them Instructions Place the EBOOT in /dev_hdd0/game/BLXXXXXXX/USRDIR Go to black ops 2 offline, then wait till you get to multiplayer Press the PS button and sign in Wait 30 sec or when the lag stops Play online ChangeLog: Fresh Start, Recreated to 1.19 Dex VSAT and Lazer EBOOT Ready Dex Blinking Bodies EBOOT ready (contains no mods) CEX Blinking Bodies EBOOT ready (contains no mods) CEX AntiBan EBOOT ready (contains no mods) Added DEX Zombie Added CEX Zombie Fixed Antiban Offsets Added Eboot builder for your needs these Eboots work on Dex/Cex.Just download the correct Eboot. (If you are on CEX then Download CEX Eboot and if you are on DEX then Download DEX Eboot) MULTIPLAYER: Download DEX EBOOTS: NOTE: Does Include (Cheat Protection, Perk Check Removed, Color Classes, Disable profanity clan, and probation bypass) Enjoy Probation Bypass, Perk Check Removed, Disabled Clan Profanity, Color Class, and AntiBan:[Hidden Content] Antiban + Blinking Bodies:[Hidden Content] AntiBan + Lazer + VSAT:[Hidden Content] Everything But Wallhack:[Hidden Content] Everything With Wallhack:[Hidden Content] Download CEX EBOOTS: NOTE: Does Include (Cheat Protection, Perk Check Removed, Color Classes, Disable profanity clan, and probation bypass) Enjoy Probation Bypass, Perk Check Removed, Disabled Clan Profanity, Color Class, and AntiBan:[Hidden Content] Antiban + Blinking Bodies:[Hidden Content] AntiBan + Lazer + VSAT:[Hidden Content] Everything But Wallhack:[Hidden Content] Everything With Wallhack:[Hidden Content] Download DEX SELF: NOTE: Does Include (Cheat Protection, Perk Check Removed, Color Classes, Disable profanity clan, and probation bypass) Enjoy Just AntiBan:[Hidden Content] Antiban + Blinking Bodies: Updating... Download CEX SELF: NOTE: Does Include (Cheat Protection, Perk Check Removed, Color Classes, Disable profanity clan, and probation bypass) Enjoy Just AntiBan:[Hidden Content] Antiban + Blinking Bodies: Updating... ZOMBIES: DOWNLOAD DEX EBOOT: NOTE: Does Include AntiBan Enjoy DEX AntiBan For Zombies:[Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD CEX EBOOT: NOTE: Does Include AntiBan Enjoy CEX AntiBan For Zombies:[Hidden Content] REQUESTED EBOOTS: DOWNLOAD DEX EBOOTS: NOTE: Does Include AntiBan Enjoy DEX AntiBan For Multiplayer:[Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD CEX EBOOTS: NOTE: Does Include Antiban Enjoy CEX AntiBan For Multiplayer:[Hidden Content] Credits - SC58 - Mango_Knife - Shark - Sticky - Tustin - D3cH - TheSaltCracka - A FRIEND - Eddie Mac - 1austin112 -BIGGEST HELP - justinster - for helping convert it to PSN version - jwm614 - showing how to code eboot builder.. - Natsu ENJOY!!
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    I Will Hack Your Toaster First Off, Blade You Know Me And How I Am Legit lel But Here Is My Channel, I Have Tons Of Modding Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqDKyrr9VGgYjw2nhIYHCDg
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    Hi Gods, Ever wanted to check your KV's for your RGH/JTAG? Enjoy this tool [Hidden Content] Thanks
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    ❐❐ PS3 Jailbreak CEX/DEX NEEDED ! ❐❐----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-------[Hidden Content]---------❐❐Information❐❐❐❐Pre Game❐ R3 = Open❐ L3 = Select❐ L2/R2 = Scroll❐ R3 = Back❐❐In Game❐ DPAD-UP + R3 = Open Menu❐ DPAD-UP/DPAD-DOWN = Scroll❐ R3 = Close Menu / Go Back❐ X = Select Option Contact ❐Skype: Tomevale99❐Skype: Tomevale99Official❐Facebook: Tomevale Lobby❐Instagram: Tomevale99 PREVIEW
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    Welcome to ConsoleGods. Below is a download for a GTAV PS4 Game Save [Hidden Content]
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    Hey ConsoleGods. For everyone who previously purchased Xploder ULTIMATE Edition would lately have noticed that Xploder is forcing everyone to upgrade to PRO Edition. I have the solution right here, and I will talk everyone through what to do. First, I will say what happened. I realised that this Forced Update, which actually messed up as when I tried to enter my Licence Key, it said it has already been activated, it was too much trouble. I went ahead and laid out a lengthy message to Xploder, and they have responded with the solution. Now I downloaded this and installed it, and I did not even need to re-enter my License Key, it just started working normal again! Proof with my new Xploder loaded: As you can see at the bottom, the latest Game Save is Gran Turismo 6, so it's alot better than being Forced to Upgrade. And now here is the download of the update installation .exe in Zip format: [Hidden Content] What to do: Do NOT delete or uninstall your installed Xploder Ultimate Edition (The one that asks you to Upgrade) Download the Zip. Extract files. Install and make sure it installs into the same Directory as your Xploder Ultimate, same Folder (It should be there by default) Finish installation. Run Xploder Ultimate without any annoying Update Box. ENJOY!!
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    [Hidden Content] Credits Youtube Video - By BritishDexMiix (Myself) Menu Creators -> ThaHitCrew Subscribe ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSXycM2CA2lx3ju6HhByGA?sub_confirmation=1
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    this is a radiant menu base edit... its half way done and WILL be released once done video:
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    I present to you Cemu. World's first Wii U emulator capable of running and rendering commercial games! Quick facts: -Can run encrypted Wii U images (WUD) and RPX/RPL files -Internal resolution is 1920x1080 (if supported by game) -Contains only some optimizations. Expect slow framerates and long load times. -Windows 7 or above (x64) (other platforms may be supported later) -Requires OpenGL 4.0 •Tested on NVIDIA and AMD: Runs fine on most recent •Intel graphic cards are not supported. Change Log Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Hi Gods! Today I'll share with you a great tool for MW2 in which the creator has fixed a few bugs! The tool is 100% compatible with CEX & DEX Screenshots : Download:https://mega.nz/#!Px4wGaRK!ZiMLTNcAj21KgPVcnd0qSizMfFTQBqg-uFTJzRxhApA Viruscan:https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9e33b3c7f604f035445c74c9d892f838f81c1a506fc8b4c0550c6ec227646c93/analysis/1426680594/ 1/57 Because Encryption , isn't a virus , are all false positive. Credits: -MegaMister -Mango_Knife -Seb5594 -kiwi_modz -iMCSx -Enstone ENJOY!
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    Do anyone gives free modded account ? I really want one for free. Thanks !
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    Hello ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with you one of the best BO2 zombies mod menu, Gr3Zz v4.1! Tutorial [Hidden Content] Mod Menu [Hidden Content] Tutorial PS3 Injection: Launch Black Ops 2 Connect To PS3 Start a Party Inject GSC Stop Game Restart a party Enjoy Changelogs Version 4.1: - Remove Death Barrier Added - Fast Zombies Added - Slow Zombies Added - Open All Doors Fixed - Kill All Zombies Fixed - Aimbot Fixed - Skull Protector Fixed Monitoring Control: Monitoring Control ( Xbox / PC ): LB - Opening the menu LT & RT - Navigation X - Activation B - Exit submenu RS - Close menu Monitoring Control ( PS3 ): L2- Opening the menu L1& R1- Navigation Square- Activation Round- Exit submenu R3- Close menu Verifications: Host Co-Host Admin VIP Verified Unverified Compatibilities: Xbox PS3 PC Credits: - donm7v for GSC Loader PS3 - dtx12 for Original GSC Compiler & Loader PC Version - CraigChrist8239 for GSC Compiler Console & GSC Loader Xbox Version - Enstone CCAPI PS3 - ZeiiKeN Creator - Fanatik - Alpatch649 Bro and Scripts - Mikey Scripts - Karoolus Scripts - DEREKTROTTER Scripts - AriZonaa Scripts - iMCSx ( GSC Studio ) Download Link Gr3Zz v4.1:[Hidden Content] Virus Scan for Gr3Zz v4.1:[Hidden Content] ENJOY!
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    You will get mod menu for Please read the sb rules, No asking for free mods
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    Well im going to show you how to do so. Simply go to this website Deseat.me and then sign in with your google account and then once you sign in it will show you something like this (Not those links specific) . And then it shows you what to do if you want to delete it. And then that is it. So if you liked this Tut please leave a like.
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    You're gonna have to pay...
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    Enjoy, Also I Stick Knife And Crowbar Up Bum Bum Here Is XeCheats V1 Source So Everybody Can Leech Download Link - https://www.sendspace.com/file/oaurjt VirusTotal For Nubs - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/df2638acb40cf36747494fc0eed791b7691984e0c2a6b28a8d395f4c058e3d10/analysis/
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    1. Log out of your main user and create a new account 2. Set the region to : Japan TIP: verify your email faster : http://shitmail.me// 3. Make sure you activate the account , go the PS store and activate the 14th days subscription of PS plus 4. Launch your Favorite online game (by example GTA 5 Or Destiny...) 5. Close the game and log out of this Japanese account 6. Log in your main account and launch any online game you want to play 7. And that's it u can play any online without PS plus 8. Repeat the process if the PS plus from that Japanese account has expired Credit goes to PNL for finding this method
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