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      Account Transfers To Next-Gen   03/14/2017

      Okay so some of you guys are still asking for modded accounts on PS4 or Xbox1 and I am here to clarify that you no longer can transfer to any of these console due to Rockstar adding a deadline to account transfer and that deadline has pasted and you can no longer do account transfers. So if anyone keeps on posting they want a free modded account on PS4 and or Xbox1 will have there thread deleted and will have there shout deleted.   ConsoleGods Staff


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    Hello Gods, Today I am sharing with you the CALL OF DDOS tool... This is probably the most advanced IP Grabbing tool ever made for pulling peoples IP's on console. The normal price of this is $25-$30! which is just stupidity... Enjoy it for FREE! [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    *S63 *Indie Developer *John *Shark *PSN Services *NGU *NickBeHaxing *Specter *DrHaxorHD *Sabotage *oStankyMods These are some pictures of the tool Connection Page: Name Chaner Page: Stats Multiplayer Page: Stats Zombie Page: Non Host Mods: Credits: Pictures: virus scan: 9/52 Antivirus scan for 7a258c335eceff59e11cee466936e462ec3d545ff8456e6d34 3b243aed6c atDownload: 216-7-1 8:26:19 UTC - VirusTotal [Hidden Content]
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    Read First : Hello Guys . Finally Anti-Freeze IN GAME/LOBBY Yeah Anti-Freeze IN GAME/LOBBY U Can Use Aimbot..etc No One Can Freeze You Play Save. U Can Freeze People But They CANT. Tested On Many RTM Tools To Be More Happy Tested On Kiwis Tool Tested On 444xModzs Tool They Cant Freeze You Too.You Have To Enable It While In Creat A Class ( Important )Features:~ Anti-Freeze In Game And Lobby~ Anti-Kick In Party ~ Freeze Lobby (Please Enable Anti-Freeze First )~ Quit To Party (This is For Fast Quit Or If The Host Is Uing Anti-Quit Or U Can End The Game )~ Non-Host End Game ( Yeah )~ Non-Host Mods (Red Box...)~ Exit To XMB (CCAPI-TMAPI )~ Anti-End Game ~ Spawn Trap ( Yeah ) ~ Message Editor~ Flashing Clan Tag~ Name Editor ~ Title Editor~ Advertis ( Do Heart - Spawn Text - News Bar )Questions :1- Why My Ammo Is 0 ?That Means The Anti-Freeze In On ( Dont Turn It OFF )2- Why Did U Made This TooL ? I Made It To Make You Safe (From Freezing) And Happy 3- Tool Not Open ? Try To Update Your Framework4- Exit To XMB Work ? Yeah Work5- Why I Cant Look At My Name ? Disable Anti-Kick5- Why Did You Disabled Kill = Freeze ?I Dont Want To Be The Guy Who F** Mw36- How Can I Know IF Someone Wants To Freeze Me ?Your Weapons Will DisappearImportant Things : Enable Anti-Freeze In Classes Dont Forget To Disable Anti-Kick Enable Anti-End Game While In Game And Disable It Before The Game EndsPics :Credits :Blackshadow-000 or BNZBandarxDvLEnstoneiMCSxSC58Manog_KnifeSebINSANL3Y_D34THxCBKxChocoKiwi_modzvrt-1and everyone i've forgotNGU [Hidden Content]Protected From .NET ReflectorBugs :1- You Have To Connect / Attach 2 Times To Use The Tool !!idk Whats WrongNote :You Have To Click Here If You Are The Host :
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    This tool is able to do full recovery's by pressing one button instead of 10 or 20 you select one of the three packages that are available and it will use the rank and money amount you gave it and finish the account for you. I hope you enjoy this awesome tool, have an awesome day guys! Picture's of Tool: Virus Scan: [Hidden Content]Download: [Hidden Content] Credits: GenisysModding
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    Hi Gods, Well the famous Serendipity Mod Menu for PS3 will no longer be available for £15 after people get their hands on this. Enjoy! [Hidden Content] Enjoy
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    [Hidden Content] Terms Of Service state: Don't send bomb threats. Sends 5 messages per bomb.
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    Sharing with you today a brilliant MW3 mod menu for MW3 that I use on my RGH2 Falcon! This mod menu also has a Lobby Mod Menu! So don't need to be in a game to use it! Can be used just in a waiting lobby. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
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    Hey Gods, Here is the full list of all the mod menu source codes in the download ZIP. Anarchy Private BlueeMods Pocket Pussy DreadNought V5 Moan's Acid Rain Source Code Blazed V2 Source echelon v2 Elegance V5 EnCoReV6 FERROX V2 HUSKY Inspire 2.0 Enjoy everyone [Hidden Content] Thanks
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    Hey Gods, Today I am sharing with you the FULL source code for the Bossam V6 Mod Menu made by - BossamBemass. Please note BossamBemass did give me full permission to post this on here! (We're good friends). Enjoy [Hidden Content] Credit: BossamBemass
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    Hey Gods, So the tools are finally being released for BO3 which is great! Hopefully sony decide to slacken off a bit with the PS3 bans on this game! I was sent an RTM tool by a very famous tool and mod menu maker and have been informed I can share this here! Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Click like to see the content
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    ..since fucking every 1 is asking for it and NO BODY WAS ABLE TO GET IT WORKING = GET SOME RESEARCH !!!!!!!! o'well leeching will begin from this day on with my public release off GTA5 Client control semjases and gopro only gave me the hint (network_create_syncronised_scene) and get_coord was patched so i had to fix it for all the rest full credit to Me :Dark-Scripter FUCK YOU WHO LEECHES THIS FIRST PUBLIC RELEASE HERE [Hidden Content] how to call it ?? [Hidden Content] [/hide]
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    Hello Gods, Today I am sharing with you the Serendipity V2.3 Source Code which was unpacked by Vertical C#. Credit to him Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    Download SPRX + EBOOT:[Hidden Content] [Tutorial] Put EBOOT.BIN in dev_hdd0 / game / BLES02166 (Or other region) / USRDIR Put SPRX in dev_hdd0 / tmp Credit for this menu goes to MrNiato And the video here:
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    So... Enstone made the release of Revolution a while back for PS3. This is the same mod menu however for Xbox 360 with a installation tutorial! Enjoy [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy
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    Hello Gods, Another source code I am sharing with you from the almighty and famous AddiKTed RTM tool for GTA V 1.26/1.27. This tool is the badass of them all and their isn't 1 that compares to it... Maybe TotalCurryMan but it's scruffy where as this is neatly layed out! Enjoy the source and i hope to see maybe a better RTM. [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    Welcome to ConsoleGods. Below is a download for a GTAV PS4 Game Save [Hidden Content]
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    Welcome, As the title says, here is a Non Host, Sprx Mod Menu with 2 EBOOTS for Zombies and Multiplayer. [Hidden Content] *To unlock a hidden content you simply need to reply to this topic, for it to be revealed*
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    Hello Everyone! Today im sharing with you the list of Sandbox ID's for the Xbox One. Please note this is to turn your Xbox One into a DevKit so you technically have a developers Xbox One... However!!! Any mistakes with these files can brick your Xbox One! So be sure to know what you're doing before touching! Unlocked ID's [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] How to enter Developers/Debug Store Enjoy
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    PLEASE NOTE I AM SELLING ALONGSIDE MY CLOSEST FRIEND @dean speirs Fat/Slim PS3's jailbroken on 4.70.1 Rebug DEX! Comes with: GTA V Game + SPRX Mod Menu installed! BO3 Game installed BO2 Game installed + NON HOST SPRX Mod Menu All PKG's fully installed such as PSNPatcher, MultiMAN, Rebug Toolbox. Fan an speed will be set to 41% from 29% (Less crashing) All fresh and new thermal paste! So will last for years!! Postage is worldwide but the price is £110 for fat or £150 for slim. The buyer will be expected to pay the postage fee also! Please note their is more than 1 console available! Currently 10 consoles for sale and a new batch coming in shortly! Comment below for details and myself or Dean will get back to you.
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    BigJohn863 = Credit i was not going to releas this code because i was waiting for YOU guys to USE your brain see how hard it is ? to GET THE CODE WORKING [Hidden Content]
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    ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() How to Game Share PS4 ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() [Hidden Content]
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    Hey Gods, Today I am sharing with you guys and girls the source code for the GTA Ghost Freeze Tool. Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    Hey Gods, Today I am sharing the almighty FiFA 16 tool which has officially been cracked! The price of this tool was $16 but obviously now FREE! Enjoy [Hidden Content]
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    i leaked endeavour source code back in the day so i will leak it here aswell reminder YOU NEED TO UPDATE NATIVES TO GET IT TO WORK AGAIN [Hidden Content]
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av3KMziG2I4 ---[ Quick Notes ]--- This Allows You To Inject Gsc Mod Menus Without Gsc Studio Work on any DEX CFW. Work on any CEX Cobra Cfw (use mamba for any other cex cfw) Note for CEX User : If you don't use an COBRA cfw you can use MAMBA who is compatible with any firmware to get it working. {L2+TRIANGLE} TO OPEN GSC INJECTOR Original Thread [RELEASE] [SPRX] BO2 GSC Injector v1.7.5 (v2Beta) Remember to Enable Cobra In Rebug Toolbox If You Are Having Problems With the Sprx Injector ================================================================================================================================================================== HOW TO INSTALL Create an eboot.bin and t6mp_ps3f.self from the EBOOT.BIN creator Copy the "t6mp_ps3f.self" and EBOOT.BIN "dev_hdd0/game/YOUR_GAME_REGION/USRDIR/ Then Copy the 3 files in Bo2 Sample pack 2 to "dev_hdd0/tmp/" =================================================================================================================================================================== HOW TO USE Start BO 2. Then when your at the multiplayer or Zombie loading screen press [L2]+[TRIANGLE] to open up the BO 2 GSC Injector (Only work when your not in a active game, ) Chose a mod menu to inject press no to switch to other menu's to the other menus and then press yes when you find the one your looking for. Then press no to keep the Gsc Loader open. To change gsc mod menu without restarting the game press L2+Triangle to open the Gsc Loader then keep pressing no until the unload Gsc option comes up then press yes to unload Gsc and then select another one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui9mzZhWxJs Download Links [Hidden Content] Credits __nzv__ [THE CREATOR] E3FlasheR_N0R for his video and mods that he added xTurntUpLobbies Onasty Michael CabCon Xmaster mods Bossam Extinct Nvz For Gsc Injector Guy who made whitewater v5.5 SneakerStreet {SEXY ZOMBIELAND MAP EDITS} dj33dj33 who made the sexy elegance v3 TehMerkMods caked up SCAR Shark 0zersub devilemi Super lobbies Skonafid {Zombieland Functions} And anyone else I forgot
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    Please note this mod menu is for Xbox gamers only with an RGH/Jtag. Current Version: 1.0.1 1337 Hax Features: - BO3 Bypass - BO3 Menu - Advanced Warfare Bypass - Advanced Warfare Cheater - Ghosts Bypass - Ghosts Cheater - BO2 Bypass - BO2 Cheater 1337 Hax BO3 Menu Features: - No Recoil - No Spread - Red Boxes - H.A.T.R (Advanced UAV) - No Weapon Sway Enjoy, MooCow. Picture [Hidden Content] 1. Go To Dash Launch 2. Go To Plugins 3. Put the .xex as a Plugin 4. Reset Console 5. Go to BO3 Done
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    Hey there! This is for those noobs who don't know how to hack/jailbreak [Hidden Content] Hope you enjoyed, make sure to hit that like button <3 !!
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    Hello Gods, Today I am sharing with you the RGHC tool for Xbox 360. This tool cost a total of $60... from the developer... but you can now get it free :D. Enjoy [Hidden Content] Credit: El Padre Thanks Blade
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    Hi Gods, Ever wanted to check your KV's for your RGH/JTAG? Enjoy this tool [Hidden Content] Thanks
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    I'm giving away 10 Netflix accounts to a lucky winner. To enter you must: - Like this topic - Comment down below stating that you're entering the giveaway Extra: - If you say something nice about @Blade you get an extra entry - VIP Members get an extra entry for supporting the forum (even if you won the rank) Info: - Winner will be chosen using random.org - The giveaway will end soon, so enter quickly
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    please everyone try to donate $1 to the site the staff trys very hard for us to have this site and let us all learn what we can achieve Also vip member only for accounts GIVING 10 FREE MODDED ACCOUNTS PS3 ALREADY MODDED CANT EDIT ANYTHING IT IS WHAT IT IS 500 RANK ALL UNLOCKS CLOTHES MODDED ROLL GUNS ALL TATTOOS AND MORE i believe i can get the hotknife khamelion and rs to stick as well FIRST TELL ME WHY YOU DESERVE A FREE MODDED ACCOUNT AND SEND A LIKE AND ILL PICK THROUGH THE LIST OF REPLIES AND CHOOSE 10 MEMBERS FORR THESE ACCOUNTS MAINLY HAS - _ - THAT IS THE PSN NAMES
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    Hey Gods, So a Mod Menu maker known as DoraTheKiller97 remade the Enstone Revolution Mod Menu and released the source code... He made the stable incredibly stable compared to the ones already posted online and it won't crash! [Hidden Content] Enjoy your FREE revolution mod menu + source code
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    Included content Far Far Away Trophy Everything Unlocked DLC Trophies (Utopia Coliseum) (Supersonic Fury) [Hidden Content]
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    Hey Gods, So today I am sharing with you a mod mod made for GTA V that allows you to give people mod menu access WITHOUT them having a JAILBREAK! Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    Hey gods, Enjoy the spoofer! [Hidden Content]
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    Hey Gods, Finally came got my hands on the Pandora mod menu source code for the Xbox 360 V2.6 Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks
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    Hey Gods, Today I am sharing with you the Pandemonium mod menu source code for GTA V. Hopefully you guys can make some good mod menu's using some of this. [Hidden Content] Thanks and enjoy
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    Hello Gods, Hope you're well? Yet Another Engine has been officially cracked! and you no longer need to pay for it. Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
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    Great mod menu for the latest title update includes script bypass and cash bypass also shoot in garage and garage bypass so you can store any car you wish over all a good menu and also free Download [Hidden Content] Virus Scan [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] nice player menu holds all 18 players tested with 18 spawnable bots has //comments and info//to learn menu // use // if your writing yourself a note during your project Have fun
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    Today I am introducing you to a way you can pull IP's on Xbox and PS3 on BO2. Codes: [Hidden Content] Download for program: [Hidden Content] Instruction Video:[Hidden Content]
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