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    Not so fast there
  2. Testing new Status Updates! Also Recent Activity while I'm at it!

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    Welcome to life
  4. Announcement

    Admins excluded of course
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    iG has a rule that staff need to not be staff on other websites.
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  7. Coding

    Wish I could help. But I'd suggest Googling as as start. To at least get the general understanding of how things work. Maybe one of our modders here is able to help.
  8. Spam

    It's including the deleted ones
  9. Spam

    This is actually the 1069th topic
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  11. Is this safe from getting banned?
  12. Introduction

  13. Yes, that's what I mean.
  14. There's Counter Strike GO on Xbox??
  15. I'm guessing Steam Summer Sale is the biggest since that's mostly what I've heard.
  16. Does every gaming service have a summer sale?
  17. General

    What issues?
  18. General

    You can simply report the topic. IPB doesn't come with such feature sadly.