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  1. Introduction

    Welcome man, Great to have you among us. Hope you have a nice stay -Zombie
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    it's a joke brah dont worry
  3. Announcement

    omg please give these 2 a permanent ban and put their ip's in a post so everyone who wants to DDOS can DDOS them.
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    Cheers to change!
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    Looks good bro!
  6. Spam

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    Owh finally, ive been waiting for someone to do this. Good Job Kizzy
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    Anyday bro
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    Thanks bro!
  11. GFX

    Suh doods, Long time no see, been buzy with a few things. Anyway to repay you all for the absence i've made a profile picture for all of you guys. No need for credit it's free. Enjoy (Photoshop is required) -Zombiekiller_flu Download: https://mega.nz/#!0VJ33SSY!yVjJfT-rvd-_KP9aebGHVz7QFXfpv2vQPHf9-DsMsRE
  12. AYY that's pretty weeb!
  13. PC

    Nice now i can open task manager without me having to stop mastrubating.