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    Congradulations @OptimusPrime , you deserve it!
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    lemme take a look at that
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    Merry Christmas man! I dont celebrate Christmas so i only got a 3 day vacation. Have a nice Christmas
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    You never know, my uncle rides illigally on his dirtbike.
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    was the bike insured?
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    too bad . i guess you can always try to make a deal with the devil.
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    you better buy a motorcycle that catches fire too.
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  9. Help/Support

    Thanks for the answer, ill go and but one or scavenge one off a broken ps3.
  10. Help/Support

    Hi, I recently bought a jailbroken ps3 motherboard, i have 2 discdrives but they are the wrong model. Is there a way to still use multiman without having a discdrive? Thanks - Zombiekiller_flu
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