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  1. Coding

  2. Other

    Well in order to post something very veg like "TV" people need a description
  3. Other

    Okay but what does "TV" mean? Can you tell me a description of what its about
  4. Other

    Title says "TV" nothing else
  5. Other

    What is this?
  6. Introduction

    A jailbroken PS3 or Xbox. Which ever console your on
  7. Introduction

    Hello, thank you for joining ConsoleGods and I hope you enjoy your stay
  8. Mods

    Hello, and I mod PS3
  9. PlayStation

    Please enter in my giveaway here https://consolegods.com/topic/1154-modded-account-giveaway-ps3-only/ . This topic is now closed
  10. Introduction

    Yes you can transfer over
  11. Introduction

    Thank you joining ConsoleGods. What console do you play on? I mod on PS3
  12. Announcement

  13. Xbox

    There is a way but that's only if the Modder wants to do it for free
  14. Giveaway

    This topic is now Locked since it is over
  15. Tutorial

    This must be done on Google Chrome and you must be logged on to the account you want the followers on* 1. Click Here and scroll down the page for about 30 seconds 2. Once you have scrolled, Right-Click and hit "Inspect Element" 3. Go to console and paste this into it - $('.unfollow-text').click() 4. Hit enter and wait. Try not to go over 1000 follows a day as you may get suspended by Twitter. Usually you will get a 30-40% follow back.