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  1. Help/Support

    Have you tried to call Microsoft to see if they can help
  2. Introduction

    Hello welcome to the site, I'm not an expert on Xbox but I think there are a lot of tutorials on how to do that on YouTube
  3. Help/Support

    Lol no doesn't work like that, if you want to game share it would have to be bought from the PSStore
  4. Legit

    Approved, Topic Closed
  5. hey im selling jailbreaks for 200 ps3 only and where would i post that/


  6. Coding

    @PhucedMODZ yeah I like what you did there, and when you gonna hook me up man
  7. Help/Support

    Are you installing them correctly? The games I mean, and for the PKG try finding a different one and see if that works
  8. Announcement

    Wait what? Your rank is Coder and you have the VIP award and Coder/Programmer Award
  9. can i please get a mod account ps4 gta?

    1. Moddingexclusive1


      i dont believe we can transfer accounts anymore to ps4

  10. Legit

    Alright, approved and I'll add you to the list
  11. Legit

  12. Legit

    Not like that like this https://consolegods.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.prntscr.com%2Fimg%3Furl%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FnN6nBch.jpg&key=c91cc5ce7435bddcf3d73aa68aa1a11add72871c40f622354f0f2c260bf17d6f
  13. Legit

    Need to see a CCAPI notification saying "ConsoleGods proof for OptimusPrime 4/2/17"
  14. PlayStation

    What up guys right now I need some quick money so I'm doing BO2 and GTA5 (PS3) modded services for only $5. I only accept Paypal. Send it as family and friends, also in the notes section put "this is a virtual item and there is no refunds. By sending this money you agree to the terms" Here is the link to my Paypal https://www.paypal.me/OptimusPrimeRDC?locale.x=en_US&country.x=US Some of you are asking for proof that I mod, well here is the proof https://consolegods.com/topic/342-ps3-modding-proof/ and im on the PlayStation Legit list here https://consolegods.com/topic/26-legit-list/
  15. General

    Idk something other then anonymous