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    Please send me the private CID in a PM Topic will be locked until then.
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    Lol the icon has to be 48x48
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm here to bring you the rules and regulations for the ChatBox/ShoutBox Rule #1 No Asking for Free Mods Rule #2 No Spamming Rule #3 No Asking for Support Rule #4 No IP Loggers Rule #5 No Requests Rule #6 No self promoting this includes Website, YouTube channels, and Services (Unless if you are approved from a Staff member) If you violate any of these rules above you will get a Warning or could possibly get Banned Please note these rules can change at any time without notice, It is your responablity to check if any rules have changed.
  6. Yo dude can you hook me up with a free modded account on PS3 plz


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    2. TopChris69


      What do you mean "tuff"?



      Yo topchris I have copied you lol it's the TOPCHRIS69 crew bruh



      Yo topchris I have copied you lol it's the TOPCHRIS69 crew bruh


    4. StreamCFW




      thi is StreamCFW and i wanted to know if u got ps3 cause i wanted to mod with some paradox V4 and a friend to mod with me i'm on a 4.80 Dex Rebug


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    Hello ConsoleGods Optimus here, well as the title says im looking for some new awards to add on here and if you have any suggestions posted below, This is what I will need from you Award icon and Description or if you get it automatic like for example "Having more then 500 posts" the system will give you award as soon as you get the 500 post
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    All of that happens on old gen so PS3 and Xbox 360 yes it is still possible
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    PS3 or Xbox. It's impossible to do it on PS4 or Xbox 1 now since Rockstar terminated account transferring
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    Welcome to ConsoleGods
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  13. Prime I'm really in need of a new jb can u help me out and tell me who sells them legit tho


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