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    CECH-2501A Rebug and OFW w/ e3 flasher. CECHA01 Playerkp420 4.80 Cobra 7.3, PS4 OFW 3.55.

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    Hey, just wanted to see if u got a chance to check it out. If so, figure anything out? Thanks.
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  3. PlayStation

    Cool thanks for the help. Here is Madden 17 original eboot.bin. EDIT - Actually not sure if I am suppose to post that in open forum? IDK. Will PM it to your thanks.
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    What's up? I'm playerkp420. Experienced in software and hardware in most gaming consoles. But mostly with the PS3. Found your site while Googling.
  5. My buddies are nuts over Madden every year. The past 2 years all I hear about is how they ranked so high (no pun intended), then get banned everytime. I have been searching for how to make an anti ban eboot. But all I find are for COD or GTA mostly. Anyway, if someone posted one that would be cool. I can do it myself though, if someone could let me know what values I need to search and patch. All the guides I have seen just show me how to decrypt eboot and selfs. Then only show the offset to patch at. I already know how to do that. Just need to know what to search and repace. Like making CFW: Or would I need to use IDA Pro and find what needs to be patched like that? I was thinking it should be pretty much the same patches for all games, just located in different spots.