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    on Xbox 360 


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      hey how do you download the mods?


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  12. I was dumb enough to use mod menu's on my OFW which totaled my PS3. Without further to do, here is the list: 1. You have like pretty much no method of getting a new CID. So what I mean by this is that, you have to be jailbroken to change your CID, and if you get banned using a mod for the OFW, you might not have a chance of recovering unless you get a new console. 2. When updates come out, it get's patched. So basically mods you download stick as an update. Once a new update is released, your mod will be gone. 3. People will find it hard to help you. I have been in that position, I put in a GTA V mod menu, scouted for help everywhere, and didn't find anyone to help. 4. You are most likely to get banned faster than the CFW modders. The reason behind this is you are probably going to gloat, and show off. Nobody likes a 9 year old kid screaming with a voice higher than Wiz Khalifa saying "I HAVE MODS". And if you don't do that, you're most likely to do something even more stupid. 5. You might not have the money to buy a new Console. Once you get Console banned, you will have to buy a new Console. Not everybody is Bill Gates, so you might struggle. 6. You are probably going to do this on your main account, which will get banned faster. In a perfect world, the OFW modders would not be stupid with what they have and use new accounts, and eventually down the line, get a jailbroken console, but no. That won't happen you will just whine on about how you got banned when you were at master prestige in BO2. Learn from my mistakes Don't do like I did.