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  1. Portfolio

    u ain't my sensei boy
  2. I whipped this one up while thinking of ideas to create the ConsoleGods logo. I came with the idea of text and a joystick (I tried vectorizing a console, but I couldn't get the edges to stay straight, so it looked incredibly messy and unfit for a logo). Here it is below! The joystick relates to the console (of course), and I added a halo to symbolize the 'god' part (adding wings to the logo made it far too large to fit nicely in the forum). Tell me what you think
  3. Hi first registered member of ConsoleGods here (please do not look into that, just believe me)

  4. Portfolio

    Welcome all to my portfolio! I hope you're having a wonderful day! Feel free to browse the wide variety of art I have created over a span of 2 years! That's pretty much all my artwork I've made over 2 years (at least, all the artwork I am WILLING to show, as there are plenty more pieces of art I have made that are not up to par). Please critique and give feedback below, and I will catch you later.
  5. Introduction

    Hi guys. I don't own a console (I had a PS2, but it died), so I'll just be lurking around the forum here and there. You may know me as an iOS hacker or a GFX designer (2 years in both fields, GFX is self-taught), so yeah, there's that Well, that's pretty much it. I hope to see you guys some time soon (perhaps in the GFX section)