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  1. i replied
  2. Did you die?

    1. Lulunba1


      He is hacking android games xD 

    2. Alucard



      still kicking

    3. screenz
  3. Application Submitted. Good luck whoever is applying.
  4. I was like in a server with a modder. People are probably thinking that I was the modder since I have rank 8000. Did they like report me?
  5. Mods

    If I had RGH, I would be using this right now Good job!
  6. Help/Support

    I do
  7. No I mean the guy who found/made the video/glitch.
  8. Giveaway

    Does it need gold?
  9. Giveaway

    right here fam.
  10. Since Alucard used 10 minute mail, I couldn't recieve the damn code.
  11. CREDITS: That guy who made the vid
  12. General

    I want to use it so bad, but I got no rgh/j-tag lol