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  1. So does this mean you make me rich offline lol
  2. Legit

    LOL you think Blade would tell you different boy? Just going to tell you the same thing i said youtube dont mean shit could be someone else video whole time
  3. Legit

    i guess you ain't legit then
  4. Spam

  5. Clan

    lol i dont think clan really matter on ps3 anymore since everyone converted to the ps4
  6. i see nothing wrong with what Kixzee did. He responded back with a new password so you can get into your account also the fact that since your account was modded that bound to happen on xbox because microsoft is super strict when it comes to cheating
  7. why are you just telling us this if you bought from him so long ago when you said "When did this happen: 9/11/2016"
  8. the link doesn't work
  9. Other

    that explains why i never been banned lol
  10. Me and other Staff members are getting very annoyed by members that keep asking for free mods. For now on if anyone asked for free mods you will get banned. No mods are free unless it's a giveaway and that's your ONLY chance of actually getting a free modded account other than that you have pay. So stop begging our staff for free mods or suffer the consequences
  11. Legit

    at most all we need is a 3 mod but if chris keeps up doing what hes doing then high chances are he can be one but like i said all we need is 3 mods nomore after that.
  12. Legit

    TopChris just be coming up in the ranks man
  13. Introduction

    Welcome hope you enjoy your stay here
  14. How can you know if im legit? what do i need to provide?

    1. OptimusPrime


      Please send me 1-3 private CiDs in a PM and if they are unbanned then you will be legit 

    2. Joka
  15. We need to see if your actually legit so this topic will be locked until further notice