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  11. Bungie will be heading to Gamescom next week to showcase Destiny: Rise of Iron. In fact, it has an entire live-stream on August 16th showcasing the new Crucible mode, Supremacy, and the new maps coming in the expansion. That’s not all though. Along with offering attendees a chance to play Destiny at Gamescom (though it’s undecided what exactly will be available), Bungie will also release a new ViDoc next week to showcase the “entire Rise of Iron player experience.” Felwinter Peak and the Plaguelands will be shown along with some insight on the various steps in your journey. Count on the new raid Wrath of the Machine being teased as well. Destiny: Rise of Iron will be releasing on September 20th for Xbox One and PS4. It adds quite the amount of new content including a new zone, a revamped Cosmodrome, new bounties, new story missions, a new raid and lots of new gear. Other new additions include Radiant Treasures which can carry gun ornaments, Iron Engrams containing Year 1 and 2 Iron Banner gear and Archon’s Forge, a Court of Oryx-like activity.
  12. Respawn Entertainment has unveiled a teaser trailer today that gives us the first glimpse at the single player mode. Fans can expect "a new single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, and backed by a deeper multiplayer experience fans have been asking for, Titanfall 2 delivers fast-paced action brimming with inventive twists." Take a look at the 30 seconds teaser below. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. Titanfall 2 will arrive to the PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC on October 28th, 2016.
  13. If you’d like to turn on your Xbox One late at night without waking up your mom, cat or significant other, help is on the way as part of a future system software update, as shared by Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb. Not only you can turn it off completely, but you can also set it so that it’ll ring only when you turn the console on with voice or the power button. While the option is not available yet, it’s certainly a welcome addition. You can check out the images below.