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  1. The mod menu showcased down below was ran on a PlayStation 4 on update version 1.76 (Only works on 1.76). 2much4u , the creator of the mod menu stated he doesn't plan on releasing this anytime soon, however their is now a few mod menu's online that you can download that do WORK! "This is a simple mod menu I created for GTAV on the PS4. Because of the nature of the exploits used to allow this, it is only possible to use on the PS4 firmware 1.76. Because It is on a lower PS4 firmware, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use online. To anybody concerned, you have no reason to worry about GTA Online being ruined on PS4 anytime soon. I am also not going to be releasing this, at least not anytime in the near future. Huge thanks to CTurt and all those involved in PS4 research allowing game modifications like this to be possible." - 2much4u (Above taken from YouTube video, All credit goes to 2much4u) Please Note : None of this modding is being done online this is all OFFLINE modding and won't be online for awhile. The Playstation 4 has been Jailbroken without any questions asked, however... After doing my research and looking around, I haven't come across anything downloadable that jailbreaks the PS4 to this level. P.S YOU DON'T NEED A JAILBREAK PS4 TO USE A MOD MENU! JUST FIRMWARE 1.76! Video below of a working RTM (Real Time Modding) tool for PS4 GTA V on Firmware 1.76! All credits go to CTurt 2much4u Thanks Blade
  2. Legit

    For proof that you're a modder we require either a CCAPI notification if you're on PS3... Or we require a X-Notify if you're on Xbox stating the date, website (consolegods), and your account name. We don't accept YouTube links or any of the sort for reasons, such as it may not be your YouTube. If you can provide us with what I have stated on here then that's fair enough... Otherwise you remain a Member. Simples.
  3. GFX

    Pretty badass... that reflection looks sick
  4. One Xbox one s 


  5. can you mod me plz 

  6. Payment was made on 17th January to Katos and you have not received the PS3 that was meant to be sent by Katos? Could you please make a Refund request Via PayPal for the money back, and provide them with all the evidence that you have just shown us on CG. Further actions will be taken to @Katos . Please keep us informed if he responds to yourself anytime soon.
  7. Hi my name is Ashton and I need a GTA 5 mod menu for Xbox 360 please


    1. fox71fox


      Hello can anywone give me modded accuont



    2. Jaymoney4ever


      I'm currently looking for a recovery 

  8. Yeah but I've had this posted since june 2016... so odds are people either took it from here and re-posted it somewhere else or whatever.
  9. Introduction

    You can get someone else to mod an account for you and then you put it through the transfer... Just make sure you get the modder to make the rank less than 500m and rank 250 and no more than 2k of each snacks and fireworks etc... That's the max limit to get the account through a transfer to PS4 and Xbox One.
  10. This is pretty much all my topics that I ever made about PS4 hacking in 1 LOL... I'm liking this topic ALOT!
  11. Announcement

    @OptimusPrime If you get Moderator before me on iG... I'll be on a divorce wagon with @DiDA
  12. Mods

    You could probably find a modder quicker by loading call of duty 4 on any console than youtube lol... COD4 = Hack Central on any console... It's stupid!
  13. Hello ConsoleGods, I'd like to welcome @OptimusPrime to our Moderator team on ConsoleGods. OptimusPrime has been with us from the very beginning and takes very good care of the forum on a regular basis. He will be their to support you in any questions and queries you may have, and he is also a PS3/PS4 modder. P.S... PS4 modding only works on PS3 then transfering the account to PS4. Can we get a big congratulations to Prime for being a LEGEND! Thanks Blade
  14. Announcement

    Yeah I got a Oculus Rift Was well chuffed :P... Watch Dogs 2 is good by the way man! enjoy that game!
  15. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a great one!! What did everyone get? - Post in the comments below! Pictures allowed!! Merry Christmas From The ConsoleGods staff team!