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  1. Introduction

    You can get someone else to mod an account for you and then you put it through the transfer... Just make sure you get the modder to make the rank less than 500m and rank 250 and no more than 2k of each snacks and fireworks etc... That's the max limit to get the account through a transfer to PS4 and Xbox One.
  2. This is pretty much all my topics that I ever made about PS4 hacking in 1 LOL... I'm liking this topic ALOT!
  3. Announcement

    @OptimusPrime If you get Moderator before me on iG... I'll be on a divorce wagon with @DiDA
  4. Mods

    You could probably find a modder quicker by loading call of duty 4 on any console than youtube lol... COD4 = Hack Central on any console... It's stupid!
  5. Hello ConsoleGods, I'd like to welcome @OptimusPrime to our Moderator team on ConsoleGods. OptimusPrime has been with us from the very beginning and takes very good care of the forum on a regular basis. He will be their to support you in any questions and queries you may have, and he is also a PS3/PS4 modder. P.S... PS4 modding only works on PS3 then transfering the account to PS4. Can we get a big congratulations to Prime for being a LEGEND! Thanks Blade
  6. Announcement

    Yeah I got a Oculus Rift Was well chuffed :P... Watch Dogs 2 is good by the way man! enjoy that game!
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a great one!! What did everyone get? - Post in the comments below! Pictures allowed!! Merry Christmas From The ConsoleGods staff team!
  8. Spam

    Don't need insurance on a Dirtbike if you're riding off road... Well not in the UK anyway. Only a road legal Motorbike do you need a licence for.
  9. Spam

    Yeah... I don't ride illegally lol.
  10. Spam

    Ayy clever thinking... I'll find a contract! lol
  11. Spam

    I already did... It blew up in February, after I had that motorbike accident... Shame it didn't repair itself though like Ghost Riders did
  12. Spam

    2 many :(... My fingers would catch fire and my name would change to Jonny Blaze
  13. @FuSioNzx100x Please can you fix this, otherwise the post will have to be removed and @zClownMxDz will have to make a PayPal refund.
  14. Hi, Does anyone have much knowledge when it comes to a VPN... for some reason my VPN appear's to not want me to go on the internet... I am using CyberGhost Premium V6, and have been for a long long time and had no issues what so ever... but for some reason lately, when I turn on my computer and it loads CyberGhost and connects blah blah blah... It's now stopping me from going on the internet... It just constantly loads the internet page!! Obviously I can access the internet If I turn off my VPN, but the UK is so bad for restrictions! you practically need a VPN to even use the internet these days rofl. Any helps would be great! Thanks Blade