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  1. Coding

    hmmh nice
  2. Tool

    lol leach error https://mega.nz/#!sMVGjQ4D!GBg29Jr273eMrwmycTRV5smlT0C6qOmMvgp3YCLeMxw
  3. http://www.enstoneworld.com/articles/view/15/ControlConsole_API
  4. lets see what i can do with this hmm
  5. Coding

    don't forget to update the hook offsets
  6. Coding

    Changing your XUID will allow you to play on some1 else hes Account ( but you cannot Yet edit stats with it ) XUID is 8 HEX Long Your XUID can be found here 0x00f9e944 <-- changing this would be useless because this is just a lobbystate_s XUID u can find Every1 Else their XUID here and their NPID if you edit their XUID you are allowed to change their name and prestige / level but it wont stick cool he? changing name's while being in a party somewhere around 0x026c066c here is your XUID don't be fooled that you can see your XUID in String view its all HEX lets say this is my xuid ( it really is my xuid ) 0xEB ,0x7D, 0xFE, 0x3E, 0x18, 0x38, 0xC8, 0xF2, 0x65, 0x62 this will show on my screen in String AND HEX but don't change this in string view because its just cached , so lets say in hex view EB 7D FE 3E 18 38 C8 F2 65 62 i see this in LEFT SCREEN BUT ASWELL IN RIGHT SCREEN change your XUID in LEFT screen not in right screen in right view u just see weird characters or empty spaced but its NOT if you need more help just ask me i can provide more offsets 0x00f9e7d8 this is the first players XUID ( the person who joins you ) 0x00f9e7e0 this is hes name first edit their xuid before changing name or it will just reset
  7. Coding

  8. Coding

    lets add e XUID option so i can derank every 1 in the lobby
  9. PlayStation

  10. Coding

    wanne make a sprx with me ?
  11. Coding

    indeed we have to talk
  12. yes we know read the fucking forum before posting this shit
  13. Help/Support

    i was just about to say replace vector haha