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  1. anyone help im after a new private cid please need one asap many thanks

    1. TopChris69


      Sorry, but this user has been banned.

  2. I have 2 in stock for $15/ea with matching PSID
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    This giveaway has already ended, sorry.
  4. Good to see you finally got your rank!

    1. Katos


      Going for Downgrader, but thanks..

    2. OptimusPrime


      You will get there. It's only about time 

    3. Katos


      Well, proof actually.. I''m just waiting on reply from Blade / DiDA

  5. Still selling and offering my services! Downgrading proof [NOW UPDATED] <--- CLICK THIS
  6. I have one clear case 4.80 DEX Jailbroken PS3 for sale, included with 500 GB HDD, MW 1, 2 ,3 - BO 1, 2, 3 - Advanced Warfare, GTA 5 - All included with the best menus.


    KIK: JoeyDowngrades

    IG: JoeyDowngrades

    Skype: Selena.heart4


    Contact me ;3

    1. DG_Legit


      still for sale?


    2. rjavila283


      Still for sale?


  7. hi Can i buy a cid from you i need one badle a private cid if you have one 

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    2. Katos


      The part where he asked me if he could buy, and then you tried sending him towards someone else, I kind saw it as rude. ..

    3. Kizzy


      if your rank isn't cid/seller you're really not obligated to sell to anyone without showing us proof that you are legit 

    4. Katos


      Im on the legit list, so please.. stop replying and trying to ruin a sale

  8. dude when can we take over ps4 and xbox one?

  9. Contact me on one of my contact methods. KIK: JLOW7987 Skype: Selena.heart4
  10. Working on 2 more jailbreaks ;3

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    You don't want to claim it?
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    If he does not claim then there will only be 1 winner as there should be.
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    @Mosman123 has claimed his modded account. @Omid - 2 days left till you won't be able to claim your prize.