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  1. Tool

    is there a source to this?
  2. Coding

    i only want this for the design
  3. Legit

    once im on the legit list i can help you out unless you can pm me and ill do it for Please read the sb rules, No asking for free mods to prove im legit
  4. nice what features has i got
  5. Legit

    heres what i mod <img src="" alt="PhucedMODZ Proof"> if you need more proof, jump in a session with me and ill show you what i can do, im also coding my own menu for gta, iv done an rtm tool bo2 i also downgrade ps3s aswell, heres proof that i do <img src="" alt="Proof I Downgrade"> My Facebook Page For My Modding & Downgrading
  6. Coding

    thanks for the share bro
  7. GFX

    cheers mate
  8. Coding

    thanks bro, i want this one for the lines haha
  9. Coding

    thanks bro, i only want the source for the huds
  10. thanks mate
  11. Legit

    have you got any accounts you would like to mod and ill get on with doing it
  12. Coding

    going to use this to learn from it
  13. Coding

    cheers bro thanks for the share
  14. heres proof i mod, could i be placed on the legit list please