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  1. Could i possably get a free modded account??

  2. Can I have a modded account with level 200 and at least 200 mill and a garage full of t20s.for Xbox 1 


    1. Kixzee


      Cost money


    2. GTA noob

      GTA noob

      How much


    3. Leontagamer


      How much is a account like that I'll try to pay but like I said I got scammed 

  3. Announcement

    Look at this dude climbing the ladder, Congrats @OptimusPrime
  4. Coding

    Well that's why its called "Pandemonium Mod menu source"
  5. I need an account with at least a level 120 and at least 200 mill with a garage of t20s. For Xbox one 

  6. Xbox

    I can do that, just talk to me in our PM.
  7. Xbox

    I will do it.
  8. This really doesn't prove anything unless tested. We thought you were a scammer because your Console Id's were very cheap and you could've been getting them off an generator which @Katos said was patched.
  9. Announcement

    It's really good, I'm enjoying it!
  10. Legit

    Mod a person who has a PS3 and then send proof that it was modded and proof that the person who received the account was actually modded. Make sure you provide CCAPI proof with your name, ConsoleGods, and the date.
  11. Legit

    I will make sure of it.
  12. Legit

    Mod an account and send it to someone so we know you're legit.
  13. Announcement

    Merry Christmas! I got a Google Cardboard VR Headset, Watch Dogs 2, two Amazon gift cards, joggers, some clothes, and some other stuff.
  14. Giveaway

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me or any other staff member a message and we'd be glad to assist you in any way possible. Good luck to everyone who enters.