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      Public Announcement!   02/13/2017

      Me and other Staff members are getting very annoyed by members that keep asking for free mods. For now on if anyone asked for free mods you will get banned. No mods are free unless it's a giveaway and that's your ONLY chance of actually getting a free modded account other than that you have pay. So stop begging our staff for free mods or suffer the consequences.    OptimusPrime forum Admin.

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Found 31 results

  1. Legit

    Do GTA As well, but not gonna risk a CID ban just for proof _____________________________________________________________________ Link: https://youtu.be/TfWFadYL77c
  2. Legit

    Best guys in the world
  3. Credits Youtube Video - By BritishDexMiix (Myself) Menu Creators -> ThaHitCrew Subscribe ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSXycM2CA2lx3ju6HhByGA?sub_confirmation=1
  4. Legit

    Anyone selling/giving away a gta 5 ps3 modded account
  5. Legit

    If you need more proof just let me know. (Also for the first picture sorry for greek letters im from Greece.)
  6. I DO FULL RECOVERY SERVCE FOR ALL CONSOLE APART FROM 360 Acc can be Transfer Instantly , and will only be availabe till the 6th of March Want free Money ? no problem I do frequently free Money Lobby on Ps3 on Youtube @HadyDab
  7. Legit

    Plz tell me if u have gta v on an account i will pay up to 300 thats all i have on my.old card plz!
  8. Can someone please help me with XNotify script code for gta 5 mod menu source rgh xbox 360 would be awesome thanks
  9. Was Up Guys i am gonna be givin people Modded Bo1 Acounts U can email me here And tell me what prestige u want i will only be doing this for a while Btw my xbox ign is SeRvEdIX
  10. Can someone mod my online account i need money and exp
  11. Legit

    Modded Account 10 or 20 PSN
  12. Legit

    Can someone come online and give me mod menu on ps3 and black ops 2 whilst I am playing with them
  13. Legit

    Can someone mod my GTA 5 PS4 account? I dont have money but I really want a mod
  14. Xbox

    You will get mod menu for Please read the sb rules, No asking for free mods
  15. heres proof i mod, could i be placed on the legit list please
  16. Greetings @Blade - @DiDA I'd love to become a known a respected member on ConsoleGods, especially for being a CID/KV Seller - Account Seller - Modder - Downgrader. Here's just proof that I am a Modder, any other proof I will reply with, as I'm not home as of now. Proof below Console Control More proof soon Regards, Katos
  17. Hello CG, today im going to show you how to resign your gamesave with one thats %100 complete. So first of all you need to download this program called "Brute Force Save Data" I will be providing download links at the bottom of this tut. So lets get started Once you have the program downloaded and running, you're going to want to start by creating or getting any Save from the account that you want the Second Save to work for, (copy a MW3 Save or Batman Save from your main account onto your computer). Next you will want to open BruteForce, so do that. Browse and find the Save folder for your Save that you placed onto your computer. You will see your files from inside that folder show in the program at the bottom left. Right Click on PARAM.sfo and choose 'Decrypt FPD' then choose yes. Then double click on the PARAM.sfo to open it. You will see the 'Account ID' number on the box that pops up, all you have to do is highlight and copy it Then close the box, and browse to the Save that you want to work for your Account, then open it. Again you will see the files at the bottom left, so right click on PARAM.sfo and choose to Decrpt FPD again. Then Double click on the PARAM.sfo again and PASTE your account ID to replace the current one in the box. Then click 'Save' at the bottom and save the PARAM.sfo and overwrite the previous one. Finally click rebuild to re-crypt the PARAM.sfo and BAM! You have just resigned your Save! Download Links Below Download link to tool = https://www.mediafire.com/?zgdl0ilbtbodjhg *Note there may be a mising DLL file error, to fix this you need to download Microsoft Visual Basic* And here is a download to fix that DLL file error http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?msvbvm50
  18. Okay so i am starting a ps3 modded service, What i mod is BO2 and GTA5 for right now, Please send money as "Family and Friends" and in notes put "Virtual Item, Non Refundable". Also once you have purchased what you wanted send me a PM with the transaction number and login details to your account. Please note if you have already transferred you account from old gen to new gen then nothing can be done Black Ops 2: Everything is $8 GTA5: Money Drop Packages: $5 for $100 Million! √ $7.5 for $150 Million! √ $10 for $235 Million! √ $12.5 for $300 Million! √ $15 for $375 Million! √ $17.5 for $450 Million! √ $20 for $500 Million! √ Account Package: $25 for Overlord Package! √ • Rank 350 • $750M Cash • Custom K/D Ratio • Max Skills • Unlimited Heavy Weapon Ammo • All Hair Styles Unlocked • All Tattoos Unlocked • All Weapons Purchased • All LSC Upgrades Unlocked • All Awards Unlocked • All Weapon Skins Unlocked • All Heist Unlocks • All Clothing Unlocks • All DLC Items Purchased • 3 High End Apartments Purchased • Clear Reports & Time Played Payment Options: PayPal Only Disclaimer: ConsoleGods or myself is not responsible for Bans, Terms Of Service: • You are not receiving a physical item, you will receive a digital service. • This service is non-refundable. If you unfairly chargeback after this service has been provided, your account will be banned
  19. I Will Hack Your Toaster First Off, Blade You Know Me And How I Am Legit lel But Here Is My Channel, I Have Tons Of Modding Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqDKyrr9VGgYjw2nhIYHCDg
  20. Just want a GTA V team for heists. Please have a mic, and speak English. PS3, StabbedMeat.
  21. Legit

    I will provide more pictures in the future.
  22. Legit

    i mod ps3 i'm a developer thats my proof i hope its enough this was a troll when i dumped rachet and clank offsets i wil provide ccapi stuff to prove my console is modded haha