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Found 184 results

  1. Hello Gods, Today I am sharing with you the CALL OF DDOS tool... This is probably the most advanced IP Grabbing tool ever made for pulling peoples IP's on console. The normal price of this is $25-$30! which is just stupidity... Enjoy it for FREE! Thanks Blade
  2. Hi ConsoleGods iamLuckeyy7 decided to make a (DEX) Debug Eboot (Region Free) for Call of Duty Ghosts. Non-Host Modz: Anti-Ban / No Recoil / Steady Aim / Red Box / Advance UAV Download: Non-Host Modz: Anti-Ban / No Recoil / Steady Aim / Red Box / Advance UAV / Added SPRX Plugin rename it [Mod_Menu.sprx] Download: Non-Host Modz: Anti-Ban / SPRX Plugin rename it to Ghosts.sprx Download: Non-Host Modz: Anti-Ban / No Recoil / Lazer / Steady Aim / Red Box / Advance UAV / Glow Players / SPRX Plugin rename it [Ghosts.sprx] Download: Non-Host Modz: Anti-Ban / No Recoil / Steady Aim / Red Box / Advance UAV / REAL WALL HACK LIKE BLACK OPS 2 NO BLUR / SPRX Plugin rename [Ghosts.sprx] Download: NOTE! IF YOU WANT TO USE DESIRE ENGINE OR FROST ENGINE OR WHATEVER SPRX ALL YOU GOT TO DO IS RENAME IT " Mod_Menu.sprx " Instructions to Prevent Getting Banned Step 1. Load Ghosts to XMB Step 2. Use PSNINJA Step 3. Use PSN PATCH Step 4. Load your game up Offline Step 5. Sign in PSN through XMB [PSN Button] Step 6. Enjoy Gaming Ghosts!!! NOTE: THIS IS FOR DEX NOT CEX!!!!!! ALSO YOU WILL BE FINE GAMING FOR MULTIPLAYER AND EXTINCTION Credit: iamLuckeyy7 Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi ConsoleGods Here is the modded savegame for The Evil Within [OFW & CFW] Features: AKUMU just cleared 99 syringes 999 grenades 3.000.000 green gel 999 trap parts 99 keys 9999 handgun ammo 9999 shotgun ammo 9999 sniper ammo 9999 magnum ammo 9999 machinegun ammo 99 bolts for all kinds Download: ENJOY!!
  5. With this little program you can control and spoof your CID (for playing GTA for example) on any OS! Here what it looks like:and the Download:
  6. Hi There! Well ill be doing a giveaway of 3 Modded accounts on the PS3! To enter do the following. 1. Just comment 2. and if you want to leave a like by all means 3. PM me anything Whats in the accounts? 1. BO2 Unlock All (Master Prestige, everything unlocked) 2. GTA 5 Modded Account(Includes things like 500 Million Money, Level 200, unlocked everything) End Date? January 25
  7. Hey! This is the first topic in this section... so it has to be good I've made this hybrid controller, it is the result of a Xbox 360 controller and a PlayStation 4 controller going out on a Saturday night... Feedback is appreciated!
  8. Does anyone have a ps3 or ps4 gta v modded account for free?
  9. Introduction Have you ever wanted to get some nice information over the PS4 by some great developers? Well today is your lucky day! PS4 Hacking Presentation was streaming the full review today over the PS4 Hacking, and more consoles being hacked. We're sticking with the PS4 soon, and i'll see if I go over the 3DS soon. So i'll go ahead, and break the whole presentation down, if any of you have feedback or what not. Feel free to post down in the comments down below. Pretty good start for the PS4, and maybe we can see some more stuff later on in the future for 2017! Hacker Marcan of Team Fail0verflow has gone over a bunch of things of the Playstation 4 Console, and how they worked on it by reverse-engineering it. Today I bring you the thread that covers most of it from his presentation! Trying to translate his words from the presentation so you can get a deep understanding of it, and learn more about it of course! I wont be going over everything, but it will mostly be everything said by Marcan at the CCC33! FULL PRESENTATION SLIDES CAN BE FOUND HERE: Console Hacking Gentoo Linux Boot - PS4: PC Master Race Team Fail0verflow introduces the presentation by turning on the Playstation 4 console, and booting up Gentoo Linux on 4.05 Firmware. PS4's Motherboard Marcan covers the PS4 Motherboard, and what it is / used in the console. We wont go over the whole presentation, but I will provide the presentation links so you can go check for yourself, and the whole video of him explaining it can be found below as well. So the Motherboard part is just a little small tease for you to learn of off here on NGU! Down below shows exactly what Marcan had to say about the PS4 Motherboard. You can find everything else in the video/presentation link! Aeloia Southbridge This is a codename for the PS4's Motherboard. This connects to a bunch of things such as the USB Ports, Hard Disk -- it has SATA. Liverpool APU This is the main processor for the PS4 (GPU & CPU) which is done by AMD. Blu-Ray The Blu-Ray Drive SATA connected from the Southbridge Wi-Fi Bluetooth The eye on the internet is GM III. How do we attack one of these? Which ones do we attack? Most of the Internet Interfaces -- are CPU Controlled. The CPU issue commands, and devices replies. Devices can't really do anything so you can't break the memory. You can exploit USB behind a bug in the USB Driver, but we're back to the no code issue. So DDR5, that'd be great, we can just write to our own memory, and basically only the entire thing, but it's a very high speed. It's very exploitable if you're making a secure system. Don't assume they can't own DDR5, because we will, but it's not the path of last resistance, so they're not going to do that. There's a thing called PCI Express in the middle of the photo shown above of the PS4's Motherboard. PCIE is very fun for hacking even though it might seem intimidating because it's bus mastering that means you can DMA the memory. It's complicated, and most things are complicated to implement properly. It's robust, people think that PC is who do high-speed. It's not, its high-speed, but you don't need matched traces to make it work it will run over wet string; like you can hot-wire PCIE with pieces of wire, and it will work at least at short distances maybe it's not bad as you think. It's delayed tolerant so you can take your time to reply, and the drivers are for failed, because nobody writes a PCIE Driver assuming that the devices are evil though of course everyone should because the devices can and will be evil, but nobody does that. What is PCIE? Conclusion There is a TON more they had gone over with as well. Marcan provided us the slides of his whole presentation for you to go check out, (incase you want to lurk around and learn a few things ). Furthermore, he also provided us a few informational links for us if we ever needed them which you can find here down below! GitHub Fail0verflow's PS4-Kexec kexec and hardware reconfiguration / "bootloader" code GitHub Fail0verflows PS4-Linux Kernel tree Fail0verflow's PS4 Radeon Patches Userspace library patches Radeon Tools f32dis and RAI tools He demonstrated himself getting on 4.05 Linux through of course his PS4's Web Browser which you can see for youself with the video i'll provide down below by @MrNiato! Thank you to him for cutting the video for exactly the PS4 Hacking Presentation which shows you Marcan explaining about the whole thing. Now, you might say that is amazing, but don't worry. He wasn't the only one that actually got it running on 4.05. We all know @flat_z do we now? He was also one of the first to boot linux on Day 1 for the PS4 4.05 Update! Once again, STEAM was ran on the PS4 Console playing Portal 2 confirming the 3D Drivers working by Marcan! Marcan also showed comparison of PCs / PS4. PS4 is NOT a PC! Full PS4 Hacking Presentation by Marcan Here Below! Follow Marcan on Social Media for more information towards the PS4 Console: Twitter: @Fail0verflow / @Marcan42 Website:
  10. Mods

    I want modders to play with im not a modders I wanna see what they can do
  11. Hello CG, today im going to show you how to resign your gamesave with one thats %100 complete. So first of all you need to download this program called "Brute Force Save Data" I will be providing download links at the bottom of this tut. So lets get started Once you have the program downloaded and running, you're going to want to start by creating or getting any Save from the account that you want the Second Save to work for, (copy a MW3 Save or Batman Save from your main account onto your computer). Next you will want to open BruteForce, so do that. Browse and find the Save folder for your Save that you placed onto your computer. You will see your files from inside that folder show in the program at the bottom left. Right Click on PARAM.sfo and choose 'Decrypt FPD' then choose yes. Then double click on the PARAM.sfo to open it. You will see the 'Account ID' number on the box that pops up, all you have to do is highlight and copy it Then close the box, and browse to the Save that you want to work for your Account, then open it. Again you will see the files at the bottom left, so right click on PARAM.sfo and choose to Decrpt FPD again. Then Double click on the PARAM.sfo again and PASTE your account ID to replace the current one in the box. Then click 'Save' at the bottom and save the PARAM.sfo and overwrite the previous one. Finally click rebuild to re-crypt the PARAM.sfo and BAM! You have just resigned your Save! Download Links Below Download link to tool = *Note there may be a mising DLL file error, to fix this you need to download Microsoft Visual Basic* And here is a download to fix that DLL file error
  12. ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() How to Game Share PS4 ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()
  13. Eboot its only for Bles (DEX) -1 Shot Kill -UAV -Name Tags -Sniper Breath -Wall Hack (Player+Vehicle) -No Recoil -Steady Aim Put the Eboot in dev_hdd0/game/bles01275/usrdir/replace it Have Fun Credit goes to Saint Goofy for the EBOOT. Download:
  14. Okay so i am starting a ps3 modded service, What i mod is BO2 and GTA5 for right now, Please send money as "Family and Friends" and in notes put "Virtual Item, Non Refundable". Also once you have purchased what you wanted send me a PM with the transaction number and login details to your account. Please note if you have already transferred you account from old gen to new gen then nothing can be done Black Ops 2: Everything is $8 GTA5: Money Drop Packages: $5 for $100 Million! √ $7.5 for $150 Million! √ $10 for $235 Million! √ $12.5 for $300 Million! √ $15 for $375 Million! √ $17.5 for $450 Million! √ $20 for $500 Million! √ Account Package: $25 for Overlord Package! √ • Rank 350 • $750M Cash • Custom K/D Ratio • Max Skills • Unlimited Heavy Weapon Ammo • All Hair Styles Unlocked • All Tattoos Unlocked • All Weapons Purchased • All LSC Upgrades Unlocked • All Awards Unlocked • All Weapon Skins Unlocked • All Heist Unlocks • All Clothing Unlocks • All DLC Items Purchased • 3 High End Apartments Purchased • Clear Reports & Time Played Payment Options: PayPal Only Disclaimer: ConsoleGods or myself is not responsible for Bans, Terms Of Service: • You are not receiving a physical item, you will receive a digital service. • This service is non-refundable. If you unfairly chargeback after this service has been provided, your account will be banned
  15. Hi ConsoleGods Today i'll share with you a modded EBOOT for Battlefield 4 DEX Only! Features: 1 Hit Kill No Recoil/Spread Crosshair on Scope (NEW!) Wall Hack Wall Hack Vehicles Gravity (a.k.a Max Distance) Sniper Breath Full UAV Fixed AimAssist BOT (Little improvements.) (NEW!) Unlock All (Doesn't Stick.) Download: Credits: Eddie Mac Smoky420 Trojan-041 Jonaaa20 xXRULAYXx (For the EBOOT Builder) PS.: If you want to remove/add any function of the EBOOT, use the EBOOT Builder here: virus scan for the EBOOT builder: ENJOY!!
  17. Coding

    only bles tested Have Problem With 1.27 bastard update?? ...stuck at load screen??..won't work online?? here is mine eboot 100% tested update with mm ftp or mm manager replace eboot load name "gta.sprx" in tmp Link