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      Account Transfers To Next-Gen   03/14/2017

      Okay so some of you guys are still asking for modded accounts on PS4 or Xbox1 and I am here to clarify that you no longer can transfer to any of these console due to Rockstar adding a deadline to account transfer and that deadline has pasted and you can no longer do account transfers. So if anyone keeps on posting they want a free modded account on PS4 and or Xbox1 will have there thread deleted and will have there shout deleted.   ConsoleGods Staff

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Found 38 results

  1. Read First : Hello Guys . Finally Anti-Freeze IN GAME/LOBBY Yeah Anti-Freeze IN GAME/LOBBY U Can Use Aimbot..etc No One Can Freeze You Play Save. U Can Freeze People But They CANT. Tested On Many RTM Tools To Be More Happy Tested On Kiwis Tool Tested On 444xModzs Tool They Cant Freeze You Too.You Have To Enable It While In Creat A Class ( Important )Features:~ Anti-Freeze In Game And Lobby~ Anti-Kick In Party ~ Freeze Lobby (Please Enable Anti-Freeze First )~ Quit To Party (This is For Fast Quit Or If The Host Is Uing Anti-Quit Or U Can End The Game )~ Non-Host End Game ( Yeah )~ Non-Host Mods (Red Box...)~ Exit To XMB (CCAPI-TMAPI )~ Anti-End Game ~ Spawn Trap ( Yeah ) ~ Message Editor~ Flashing Clan Tag~ Name Editor ~ Title Editor~ Advertis ( Do Heart - Spawn Text - News Bar )Questions :1- Why My Ammo Is 0 ?That Means The Anti-Freeze In On ( Dont Turn It OFF )2- Why Did U Made This TooL ? I Made It To Make You Safe (From Freezing) And Happy 3- Tool Not Open ? Try To Update Your Framework4- Exit To XMB Work ? Yeah Work5- Why I Cant Look At My Name ? Disable Anti-Kick5- Why Did You Disabled Kill = Freeze ?I Dont Want To Be The Guy Who F** Mw36- How Can I Know IF Someone Wants To Freeze Me ?Your Weapons Will DisappearImportant Things : Enable Anti-Freeze In Classes Dont Forget To Disable Anti-Kick Enable Anti-End Game While In Game And Disable It Before The Game EndsPics :Credits :Blackshadow-000 or BNZBandarxDvLEnstoneiMCSxSC58Manog_KnifeSebINSANL3Y_D34THxCBKxChocoKiwi_modzvrt-1and everyone i've forgotNGU [Hidden Content]Protected From .NET ReflectorBugs :1- You Have To Connect / Attach 2 Times To Use The Tool !!idk Whats WrongNote :You Have To Click Here If You Are The Host :
  2. Hey Gods, Today I am sharing the almighty FiFA 16 tool which has officially been cracked! The price of this tool was $16 but obviously now FREE! Enjoy [Hidden Content]
  3. Well............ Am i happy you tell me in the comments below! ITS FINALLY HERE LADIES ANS GENTLEMENT!! The King of hacking DrHaxorHD has finally released a BO3 1.07 RTM for Zombies! [Hidden Content]
  4. Hey Gods, So the tools are finally being released for BO3 which is great! Hopefully sony decide to slacken off a bit with the PS3 bans on this game! I was sent an RTM tool by a very famous tool and mod menu maker and have been informed I can share this here! Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  5. *S63 *Indie Developer *John *Shark *PSN Services *NGU *NickBeHaxing *Specter *DrHaxorHD *Sabotage *oStankyMods These are some pictures of the tool Connection Page: Name Chaner Page: Stats Multiplayer Page: Stats Zombie Page: Non Host Mods: Credits: Pictures: virus scan: 9/52 Antivirus scan for 7a258c335eceff59e11cee466936e462ec3d545ff8456e6d34 3b243aed6c atDownload: 216-7-1 8:26:19 UTC - VirusTotal [Hidden Content]
  6. New Stuff : - Added Stats Options - Added More Name Options - New Design - New Colour - More League Stuff - Added Clients - Added Name Generator - Added Image Injector - Added Ip Blocker - Added Unlock All Trophies - Added Special Name - And More Stuff ..... Pictures : - Screenshot by Lightshot - Screenshot by Lightshot - Screenshot by Lightshot - Screenshot by Lightshot - Screenshot by Lightshot - http://prntscr.com/bqatu8 - http://prntscr.com/bqaty5 - http://prntscr.com/bqau2l - http://prntscr.com/bqau6w - http://prntscr.com/bqaufn [Hidden Content] Virus Scan : -https://virustotal.com/en/file/a10c9...is/1468002651/
  7. Hi Today I share with you my Tool Black Ops 3 for Zombie on v1.07 ! Connection : Stats : Weapons Stats : GobbleGums : Clients Mods : Clients Setting : [Hidden Content] Credits : @Shadow SEE / @LeBigKilleur / @Indie Developer / @SyTry
  8. New Things: - Added Unseen Non-Host Mods like: INfrared vision, Short throw, Clouds, and more - Added Opacity Changer - Improved the IP-Tracer - Added _rank.gsc to the preset injector - Added Extra Stats options For MP - Added Some name options - Added Name Generator - Added A hell lot of Zombie stuff - Added Text-Editor - Improved IP-grabber with names - Added Hide IP - And a lot of more..... Just check it out [Hidden Content]
  9. Welcome, Today i'm introducing you to a RTM tool that I use for BO2 and feel that it is probably the best one out their without a doubt! [hide]Geo and Beast released an ultimate BO2 RTM tool back in 08/02/2016, which has so many functions + things you can do it's untrue! You can download the tool here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2w1ybo1x5f4z0np/BO2+RTM+Tool+1.19+By+Geo.rar Features: Questions:
  10. Hello Gods, Boy am I glad to share this with you guys today! So... today I am sharing with you a OFW! RTM tool that works 100% Allowing you mod your name and your everything except PRESTIGE! in call of duty games. Enjoy [Hidden Content] Thanks Blade
  11. Welcome, [Hidden Content] Enjoy and happy gaming
  12. RTM Tool

    Tool has:*No Recoil*Wall hack*FOV*Zoom*Mini Map View*Unlock Weapon Medals [Hidden Content]
  13. This tool is able to do full recovery's by pressing one button instead of 10 or 20 you select one of the three packages that are available and it will use the rank and money amount you gave it and finish the account for you. I hope you enjoy this awesome tool, have an awesome day guys! Picture's of Tool: Virus Scan: [Hidden Content]Download: [Hidden Content] Credits: GenisysModding
  14. This tool was originally made by iMCSx @FMT (FrenchModdingTeam) Description of Application French: Application PS3 Permettant d'obtenir les Stats d'un compte dans l'application , modifier le contenue et renvoyé les stats modifier , le tout en Real Time. A vous les challenges lobby MW3 fait en 2 secondes ! (Console DEX obligatoire) English: PS3 Application Allowing you to get an account of statistics in the application, change the stats contained and returned the change, all in Real Time. To do the lobby challenges on MW3 it takes 2 seconds! (Console mandatory DEX) Price: Free Version: 3.3 [Hidden Content]
  15. Notices ~ Advised To Read Whole ThreadHello all and welcome to the thread of my MW3 RTM Tool, this tool is rather old but un update is currently in progress for this tool as you can see below in the V1.5 Pictures spoiler. It is a rather simple tool as I did not but all my effort into it the first time around as I was kind of starting out then so my knowledge was not at peak so to speak. Check the rest of the thread below for more information including pictures of the tool, change log, credits list and V1.5 (unreleased) pictures. Images ~ 1.1.9 [Hidden Content]
  16. Hello ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with the community the best RTM tool for Zombies 1.19! [PS3 ONLY!] RTM includes: Force Host and Show Host Mods for clients 0-7 Give weapons to Clients 0-7 in grief with a wide selection to choose from Teleport for all clients 0-7 Regular God mode and No Flash Unlimited Jet gun and Paralyzer Name Modifier MOTD Camo on the origins staffs along with the original staffs & More NOTE* With Ultimate God Mode You can go in traps on Cell Block & MOTD and not die also get stepped on by the robot in Origins and survive. Here are some screenshots: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Download:[Hidden Content] Virus Scan:[Hidden Content] 3/53 Encryption Antiban self file: [Hidden Content] Credits: [Hidden Content] ENJOY!
  17. Hey Guys, You all know how much of a big fan of Zombies I am so I really couldn't resist to share this tool with you all! This tool normally costs $25 however... a special friend of mine from skype managed to crack it meaning it's completely FREE :D. Enjoy [Hidden Content]
  18. Picture of menu [Hidden Content] credits 2much4u Sai RFOoDx MoDz
  19. RTM Tool

    This is not the full version we just wanted to see what you thought to it before we release the full version.Had to use semjases eboot as the Extremous one is utter Shit.Thanks to everyone who helped credits below.NOTE: Only works On DEX/BLESPicture: [Hidden Content]Credits:SemjasesGoproKryptusjorenIMQModzKrank2much4usaiVeqzyModz
  20. [Hidden Content] /!\ WARRNING : NO anti-Ban is included, Therefore the ban possibility is HIGH /!\ credits: ExiLe: for making this amazing menu