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      Me and other Staff members are getting very annoyed by members that keep asking for free mods. For now on if anyone asked for free mods you will get banned. No mods are free unless it's a giveaway and that's your ONLY chance of actually getting a free modded account other than that you have pay. So stop begging our staff for free mods or suffer the consequences.    OptimusPrime forum Admin.

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Found 90 results

  1. Hi ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with the community the craziest BO1 Multiplayer GSC Mod Menu for PS3! ► MENU INCLUDES The Menu Includes this Submenus (NOT ALL, JUST THE BIGGEST ONES) Main Mods Fun Menu Infections Menu Weapons Menu Bullets Menu Killstreak Menu Spawnables Outside Effects Aimbot Menu Messages Menu Forge Menu Admin Menu Bots Menu Host Menu Game Settings Account Menu Patches Design Client Menu Visions Menu Sun Color Menu Fog Color Menu Sound Menu Music Menu Spawn Things Spawn Interactive Things Model Menu Rain Model Menu Spawn Model Menu Create Crosshair Change Name Dvar Visions Visions All Raw Visions ► DOWNLOAD: ► How to install: ENJOY!
  2. Added: Man Dog Retard Guy Actor Dog Paralized Dog Sun Bullets Rave Bullets Ghost Bullets Fire Bullets V2 Glowing Bullets Cocaine Bullets Red Bullets Bomb Sight Bullets robot Bullets Train Track Bullets Breifcase Bullets Rolling Jeff Rolling Bomb Sight Flipping Bomb Sight Spinning Bomb Sight More Minimaps Rain Sentry Guns Rave Man Bullets Man Missile Man Tablet Man Green Flag Man Red Care Man Robot Man Sparkle Man Spark Man V2 Spike Man Glow Man Breifcase Man Robot Man Robot Man And also more in all players, More Coming in V7 Credits: BossamBemass FuSiOn CmKs xTurntUpLobbies Shark jwm614 TehMerkMods YouViolateMe
  3. Sharing with you today a brilliant MW3 mod menu for MW3 that I use on my RGH2 Falcon! This mod menu also has a Lobby Mod Menu! So don't need to be in a game to use it! Can be used just in a waiting lobby. Enjoy!
  4. I would like a modded account so I can make some money in GTA V and stuff and so I can help out my friends on making money and doing missions
  5. Welcome, As the title says, here is a Non Host, Sprx Mod Menu with 2 EBOOTS for Zombies and Multiplayer. *To unlock a hidden content you simply need to reply to this topic, for it to be revealed*
  6. Coding

    Let's share some ideas I'm new so maybe you guys could help jump start me.
  7. Hi ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with you the best WaW mod menu for multiplayer for all consoles! Download PC: Download PS3+XBOX: ENJOY!
  8. Hi ConoleGods! Today I'll share with the community the best BO1 zombies mod menu! Update #2! Whats New? Code: Main Mods Headless Zombies Teleport Gun On/Off Annoying Gun On/Off Variable Zoom Round Editor Infection Menu Gun On Left Side On/Off Pro Mod On/Off Bullet Tracers On/Off Fun Menu Invisible On/Off Note: This Download has all the EBOOTS in for you guys. Mediafire links in the readme file. All credits go to choco. Update #1! Whats New In this update? Code: Main Mods Kill All Zombies Fun Menu #2 Clone Player Drunk Mode On/Off Teleport Zombies To Crosshairs Forge Mode On/Off Infection Menu TimeScale Editor Download: It now comes with UK eboot and US eboot. Just find an eboot for your region if it black screens. ENJOY!
  9. So... Enstone made the release of Revolution a while back for PS3. This is the same mod menu however for Xbox 360 with a installation tutorial! Enjoy Enjoy
  10. Credits Youtube Video - By BritishDexMiix (Myself) Menu Creators -> ThaHitCrew Subscribe ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSXycM2CA2lx3ju6HhByGA?sub_confirmation=1
  11. Hey ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with the community one of the best mod menus for CoD Ghosts 1.16! Download: How To Use: Open: R3 Scroll: R1 / L1 Select Option: X Exit: Square Credits: StankyModz Mango_Knife SouthSideModderᴼᴳ | ImSSM ENJOY!
  12. Hello I cracked LTS source all over again + more stable other version that was releaded ( crack from jbe ) is my friend and i helped hem i will keep updating this version and i will keep adding More to it if you find any bug or what ever or... just tell me NO CID STEALER btw crack from jbe = the menu only works ONLINE just like the original LTS = only ONLINE i made this version for OFFLINE AND ONLINE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN MY PROJECT JUST ASK ME MIRROR 1:https://mega.nz/#!XxMRAaxK!IEuGpZl7RlSlcKQ99d3iFNcFtyEXR3uac0Xbo82Oim8 for the people who don't trust this try it urself
  13. Please note this mod menu is for Xbox gamers only with an RGH/Jtag. Current Version: 1.0.1 1337 Hax Features: - BO3 Bypass - BO3 Menu - Advanced Warfare Bypass - Advanced Warfare Cheater - Ghosts Bypass - Ghosts Cheater - BO2 Bypass - BO2 Cheater 1337 Hax BO3 Menu Features: - No Recoil - No Spread - Red Boxes - H.A.T.R (Advanced UAV) - No Weapon Sway Enjoy, MooCow. Picture 1. Go To Dash Launch 2. Go To Plugins 3. Put the .xex as a Plugin 4. Reset Console 5. Go to BO3 Done
  14. So... in my previous post for the BO2 Revolution Mod Menu I stated that it was created by Enstone. That is correct! However... The menu has been leaked somehow, and is now FREE! MrPowerMods said "I am releasing this menu FREE as Enstone is a money whore who charges stupid prices for his tools and menu's". I have tried this and it does work! Their is a installation tutorial inside the Zip file, incase you can't follow the instruction below! How to intall : 1./ Launch Black Ops 2 3./ Connect To PS3 (Ccapi 2.50 and 2.60 or TMAPI) 4./ Start a Party 5./ Inject GSC 6./ Stop Game 7./ Restart a party 8./ Enjoy and good games ! The menu works even if you don't inject it inside a private match, however! it can cause you to CRASH when abusing the menu! Doesn't crash if you inject in a private match. Comment l'installer : 1./ Lancement de Black ops 2 3./ Connecter votre PS3 (CCAPI 2.50 et 2.60 ou TMAPI) 4./ Lancer une Partie 5./ Injecter le GSC 6./ Stop la partie 7./ redémarrage d'une partie 8./ Profitez-en et bons jeux ! Enjoy your Revolution menu.
  15. Hello ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with you the best WaW mod menu for PS3 XBOX and PC! Download PC: Download PS3: Download XBOX: ENJOY!
  16. Hey ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with the community the second best mod menu on MW3!! VirusScan: NEW VIRUS CAN GAVE ME THAT -> 5 - 53 False Positive , Because of Encryption. Download: (UPDATED!) Key Features : Drugs Spin Mode Clone Player Aimbot Force Host Unfair Aimbot Forge Mode Teleport Gun More Than 30 Options To Clients And Alot More... Credits : Vezah Sticky 444Modz Mango_Knife Anera Kiwi and everyone i forgot ENJOY!
  17. Hello ConsoleGods! Today I'll share this great mod menu for Advanced Warfare (Zombies) with the community! Download: ENJOY!
  18. Hello ConsoleGods! Today I'll share this great mod menu for Advanced Warfare (Multiplayer) with the community! Here is a video of The Menu in action: Download the menu: VirusTotal: Features: Trickshot Aimbot Unfair Aimbot Fair Aimbot GodMode UFO Laser Red Boxes Unlimited Ammo Speed x2 Fake Lag Third Person Exo Cloak JetPack MultiJump Teleport Gun Spawnable Turrets 10 Visions Crossbow Bullets Grenade Launcher Bullets MAAWS Bullets Stinger Bullets Missile Bullets Care Package Pod Bullets Teleport Options All Client Stats XP Lobby Super Double Jump Knockback All Client GodMode A terrible looking bunker Custom Themes Force Host Wow to install the menu: 1: Put the sprx in /dev_hdd0/tmp folder. Do NOT Rename the sprx, because if you do, the menu will not inject. 2: Start Up the Game, Connect and Attach. 3: Load any tool you want to load(Unknawn's Tool/1Austin/etc) 4: Press Run Menu. How to use AntiBan: 1: Make sure Cobra Mode is DISABLED! 2: Run AW Offline 3: Connect, then press Antiban 4: Enable OFW Mode with CCAPI 5: Sign In via the PS Button 6: Wait around 30 seconds, and click play online! 7: Have Fun Abusing AW! Credits: Swaqq - Development of the Menu LBK - Some Addresses/Stats Shark - Help with Huds/Aimbot/Magic Bullet/1.02 C# Spawning Turrets Beach - All Client GodMode Address XenonLegend - Force Host Sabotage - Help with some stuff John - Encryption ENJOY!
  19. Hi ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with the community the best BO3 mod menu for zombies 1.07! Download: ENJOY!
  20. Hi ConsoleGods! Today I'll share with the community the best Mod Menu for BO2 Multiplayer 1.19! Download: ENJOY!