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      Account Transfers To Next-Gen   03/14/2017

      Okay so some of you guys are still asking for modded accounts on PS4 or Xbox1 and I am here to clarify that you no longer can transfer to any of these console due to Rockstar adding a deadline to account transfer and that deadline has pasted and you can no longer do account transfers. So if anyone keeps on posting they want a free modded account on PS4 and or Xbox1 will have there thread deleted and will have there shout deleted.   ConsoleGods Staff

Bo1/Xbox360/XboxOne/FreePrestige 1-15

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Was Up Guys i am gonna be givin people Modded Bo1 Acounts U can email me here And tell me what prestige u want i will only be doing this for a while :) 

Btw my xbox ign is SeRvEdIX

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Could I get one please prestige 15 on Xbox 1

Could I get one please prestige 15

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Could I get one please mate?

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@OptimusPrime wrong section.

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