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[PS3] MW3 Phantom - CCAPI - DEX + CEX

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This menu was originally made by Enstone @FM|T (FrenchModdingTeam)


This mod menu is the best menu for MW3 by a long shot.


It works host and non host and has a Deranking function which removes god classes and obviously deranks people to level 1 prestige 0 or whatever prestige/rank you wish to send them to (it sticks and works! not fake)


PC Software that connects to CEX/DEX PS3 with CCAPI.

A jailbroken ps3 is required

Compatible CFW:
4.21 CEX/DEX
4.30 CEX/DEX
4.40 CEX/DEX
4.41 CEX/DEX
4.46 CEX/DEX
4.50 CEX/DEX
4.53 CEX/DEX
4.55 CEX/DEX
4.60 CEX/DEX
4.65 CEX/DEX
4.66 CEX
4.70 CEX/DEX
4.75 CEX/DEX
4.76 CEX/DEX
4.78 CEX/DEX

This software gives you a double mod menu for MW3 (menu Host & nonHost). These menus can be used online with 1.24 update.


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Price: 16.99€


Version: 1.12





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