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      Account Transfers To Next-Gen   03/14/2017

      Okay so some of you guys are still asking for modded accounts on PS4 or Xbox1 and I am here to clarify that you no longer can transfer to any of these console due to Rockstar adding a deadline to account transfer and that deadline has pasted and you can no longer do account transfers. So if anyone keeps on posting they want a free modded account on PS4 and or Xbox1 will have there thread deleted and will have there shout deleted.   ConsoleGods Staff

Hello gamers.

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 What's up?  I'm playerkp420. 


Experienced in software and hardware in most gaming consoles.  But mostly with the PS3.  Found your site while Googling. 



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Welcome :D

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On 12/19/2016 at 5:42 PM, Style said:

why cant I reply to some topics


Since you're a new member, your access is restricted in some sections. I would assume you were in the VIP section which is why you couldn't reply, it's limited to some groups with posting privileges.


OT: Welcome to ConsoleGods,. If you ever need anything, feel free to message a staff member or PM me. Enjoy your stay!




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    • By ColorLessKing
      Alright So let thy began...
      1) Got Xbox and Pc
      2) Mostly taking apart tech and missing with it or Watching anime (Yes judge meh shit and I'll rape and slit your whole animal farm
      3) Mystery (I tend to change person traits so I get to be like you were this yesterday) <-- Very strange
      4) Once I have money and time being here for awhile I will start supporting (Due to irl issues)
      5) Well I'am 16
      6) Will start doing youtube videos about things (Has nothing to do with this but will advertise the site)
      7) I mostly explore the base of the internet
      8) Should be upgrading what I have soon
      9) There are things am planning on doing through out time like (Giveaways,supporting,etc.)
      10) King or Nei - These are my nicknames 
      11)Am mostly died &  crying inside 
    • By iphone
      I came here from Iosgods hope we will have a good co op here  
    • By Nokia
      [Nokia@ConsoleGods.com ~$] ls
      [Nokia@ConsoleGods.com ~$] cat introduction.txt
      Hello members of ConsoleGods! I'm Nokia. Some of you might know me from another forum kind of like this called Se7enSins. If I'm not allowed to post the name of it PLEASE let me know. I read over the rules and I'm pretty sure as long as I don't link the site I'm good, since that's pretty much advertising. Anyways, before I retired, I was a staff member there and I did Moderation and Project Management. I'm a long time Linux user and Xbox 360 modder. I've been in the modding scene since early 2009 and I'm still going strong. While I'm not that big on modding anymore, I am however doing quite a bit of programming and exploiting these days. I'm currently in college getting a degree in Computer Science for Pen-Testing and Programming, and minoring in Music Education. I'm pretty well experienced when it comes to Linux and Unix systems, and I know Java more than any other language currently. I've done Bash scripting, some Python, C#, HTML, JavaScript, C, and Perl. I'm what's known around these days as a Ethical Hacker, or "white-hat" as most would call it. I have a OSCP and OSCE from Offensive Security and make money doing what I love. I'm a very active forum user on the forums that I'm on, so you'll most likely see me giving support when it's needed. I'm an outgoing person and hopefully that will shine through here. This website looks very clean and I could see myself sticking around for a while. 
      When I signed up last night, it was honestly just to report something that was taken from a thread of mine on another forum, however now looking around, I think I'll probably stay as the site seems nice, and the members are even nicer. I hope to talk to some of you very soon.
    • By XerJr
      hy guys
      im from iosgods
      and becoming a console gamer lately
    • By Moddingexclusive1
      I code gsc sprx php ppc and sql windows forms
      I would like to get to know everyone thank you guys and really nice website
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