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      Me and other Staff members are getting very annoyed by members that keep asking for free mods. For now on if anyone asked for free mods you will get banned. No mods are free unless it's a giveaway and that's your ONLY chance of actually getting a free modded account other than that you have pay. So stop begging our staff for free mods or suffer the consequences.    OptimusPrime forum Admin.

Hello gamers.

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 What's up?  I'm playerkp420. 


Experienced in software and hardware in most gaming consoles.  But mostly with the PS3.  Found your site while Googling. 



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On 12/19/2016 at 5:42 PM, Style said:

why cant I reply to some topics


Since you're a new member, your access is restricted in some sections. I would assume you were in the VIP section which is why you couldn't reply, it's limited to some groups with posting privileges.


OT: Welcome to ConsoleGods,. If you ever need anything, feel free to message a staff member or PM me. Enjoy your stay!




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